Democrats Becoming Increasingly Unhinged

Kevin Felts blogger and political commentatorSince the election of Donald Trump the Democrats have become unhinged.  This has interrupted the peaceful transfer of power.

When one party loses an election, they are supposed to accept the results and work with the party that now has the majority vote.  This peaceful transfer of power did not happen after the 2016 election.

Democrat controlled media continues to push the idea that Russia swayed the election.  Since nothing is coming from that, now articles of impeachment have been filed.

There are numerous reasons why Hillary lost, and none of them are related to Russia.  The honest truth is, democrats are undermining the republic.  Rather than working with the GOP and President Trump, democrats are digging in their heals and will grid lock the government for the next four years, and maybe even the next eight years.

My dad told my today’s democrats are not the same democrats from decades ago.  Democrats use to stand for the working people.  Now they stand for gay rights, illegal immigration, and debauchery such as abortion. Millennial democrats see any corporation with republicans as an act of treason against the democrat party. What the millennials do not understand, the party’s have to work together, or the government will grind to a halt. There “has” to be some give and take on both sides.

This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy. Kids grow into adults who expect to be winners all the time. When Trump won the election in 2016 was probably the first time a bunch of them were told “no” in their entire lives.

Now that Trump and the GOP control the presidency and congress, unhinged democrats are continuing to throw their fit.

From FoxNews – Turley: Dem Reps. Espaillat, Cohen ‘Setting Dangerous Precedent’ With New Impeachment Filing.

The five Democrats called for impeachment on the grounds that Trump “undermined the courts and the press,” according to Turley.

“Those counts are ridiculously overbroad,” he said, adding that “half” of the past presidents could be impeached if that was the standard.

He said President Obama undermined the press when his administration investigated Fox News’ own James Rosen several years ago, but was not guilty of an impeachable act.

Turley said the charges are a “dangerous precedent to set.”

Where were those democrats when the obama administration allowed a US citizen to be killed by a drone strike?

Where were those unhinged democrats when the bush administration were using torture on captives?

Then, when the obama administration was brought to court over the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki, the administration fought to keep the details secret.

If anyone should of been impeached, it should of been bush and obama for violating human rights. Yet unhinged democrats file for impeachment against Trump because he hurt their feelings?

Let’s be honest, the United States is dying.  The government has ground to a halt, the parties refuse to work with each other, and elected officials from various states refuse to budge for the good of the union.

One example of this refusing to work together is how the tax reform would reduce property tax write offs and home mortgage write offs.  If a state passes a property tax, the federal government should not subsidize the tax.  Any taxes passed on the state level should be collected on the state level.  Because the new tax reform bill would abolish certain write offs that help high tax states, the elected officials from those states are  opposed to the changes.

My federal tax dollars should not subsidize some local tax passed in California.  But the elected officials from those states do not see it that way.  States expect the federal government to subsidize local taxes.

There is a total disconnect from reality with liberals and liberal democrats.  The people spoke, Hillary lost, now work with the GOP and President Trump.  Chances are democrats are going to grid lock the government for the next seven years.