We Need Shows Like Hee Haw

Would you like to know what is wrong with society?  We need more Hee Haw and less reality TV shows.  We need something families can sit in front up and have a good laugh.

As I write this post I am 49 years old, and will turn 50 in a few months.  When I was a kid in the 1970s, mom, dad, my brother and I would watch Hee Haw.  More or less mom and dad would watch the show and my brother and I would sit in the living room with them.

It was an hour filled with good family time, talking, laughing and having a good time.  After Hee Haw was over, it would be time for a bath and bed.

Society needs something to  bring families back together, and not drug, sex and violence laden reality TV shows.

What went wrong with society, everyone got a TV in their room, and now everyone has a phone, tablet and computer.  We spend so little time talking to the ones we love that we feel isolated.


  • We need parents setting good examples for their children.
  • We need parents cooking dinner.
  • Families should set time aside to talk to one another.
  • Neighbors should make some kind of effort to talk to each other.

Without a sense of community and strong family values, we end up with what we have today.  And that is teenage pregnancy, mass shootings, kids strung out on drugs, high divorce rates… etc.

What changed between the 1970s and today?  Shows like Hee Haw, Mash, Gilligan’s Island, and Andy Griffith went off the air. In their place we got realty TV shows showing a bunch of troubled kids who act like they have no morals or values.

Something else that happened was the no-fault divorce.  This allowed someone to walk away from the family and break apart the family for no reason.  Fast forward to modern day, and women file something like 85% – 90% of divorces.

We need something that will get families back together, and keep them together.

What’s sad, the damage has been done.  Children raised in a broken home are more likely to be a child delinquent than children raised by both parents.

Some people may say we need GOD back in our lives, and that is very true. However, people need to follow the teachings of Christ for there to be a change in their lives. Going to church and cheating on your husband does not make someone a Christian.

Society has taken a seriously bad left turn and something needs to change.