Living Near a Hunting Lease

Some of you may ask, “What is a hunting lease?”  It is where a group of people lease land from someone, like a timber company, for the purpose of hunting on the land.

Leasing land is nothing new.  We have historical documents dating back to the medieval ages that talk about leasing land.  In the book Life in a Medieval Village by Frances and Joseph Gies the authors talk about how people leased land for grazing livestock.  My grandfather leased land from a local timber company back in the 1950s and 1960s to graze cattle on.

When someone leases land, they have access and use of the land for a certain amount of time.  Here in Southeast Texas, a lot of land is leased from the timber companies to hunt on.

It just so happens, I live next to a couple of hunting leases.

The biggest issues with the hunting lease are:

  • Worrying about which direction the hunters are shooting.
  • Worrying about the hunters shooting my dogs.

To resolve those issues, I talk to the hunters when I see them on the road.  They will park their trucks on the side of the dirt road, and either walk to their stand, or take an ATV.  I talk to the hunters, tell then where my house is at, and let them know about my dogs.  All of my dogs have a red collar, so it makes them easy to spot.  One of the guys said he thought he saw my dogs.  He pulled out his phone, showed me a picture, and sure enough it was my female Zoey.

The hunters sometimes get aggravated with the dogs, and I fully understand that.  However, they know their hunting lease is near some houses.  How can someone know there are houses around, yet complain about dogs?  I make an attempt to keep the dogs inside on the weekends during hunting lease.  My yard is not fenced and the dogs can roam free.  They live the life a dog was meant to live.

When talking to the hunters, they will sometimes ask if I have a feeder or stand set up on my property.  I tell them where I hunt at, and hopefully we will not be shooting towards each other.

Overall, I understand they are here to hunt, and hopefully they understand they are visitors.   They pay a lot of money to have a hunting lease, and I respect that. They will use the hunting lease for a few weekends, then they will not be back until next year.

Living next to a hunting lease is not that bad.  There just needs to be some mutual respect between everyone involved.