Paladin Press Closing Its Doors An Icon Fades Away

Some of the people reading this post may not even know who Paladin Press is, much less care they are going out of business.  This is truly a sad time, as independent publishers like Paladin Press kept information flowing into the survivalist community during the dark ages of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Let’s go back to the 1980s and 1990s.

After the end of the Cold War things were good.  The Soviet Union had been defeated without ever firing a round, the economy was going good, and overall, life was grand.  Being a survivalist was ok.

Then along came Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City incident. When it came out Timothy had been a member of a survivalist group, all of a sudden “survivalist” was a bad name. Main stream publications dropped certain advertisers who sold to the survivalist community.

The word “prepper” had not gone mainstream yet.

During the boycott of survivalism, there were a few publishers where survivalist could find information.


  • Delta Press
  • American Survival Guide (ASG).
  • Paladin Press.

Even then, publications such as ASG did not touch some of the topics like Paladin Press did.

1997 vs 2017

In 1997 we did not have YouTube, Facebook, or forums like we have today. We had message boards, but they do not compare to stuff we have today.  Everything was print.  If the major publications rejected your ads, you were out of business.

Even places like wal-mart did not want certain types of music in their stores on the 1980s.  I remember when wal-mart did not sell rock n roll albums because Sam Walton did not want certain types of music in his stores.

If it had not been for independent publishers such as Paladin Press, 1990s and early 2000s would have been a dark ages for survivalist.

What happened in 1997 is the same thing we see today with YouTube and Facebook banning certain types of content.  Facebook, YouTube and Google are censoring certain types of content, just like what happened with publishers in the 1990s.

Paladin Press

Paladin Press was a shining light in an age of darkness.

Here is the issue.  If you want independent communities to stay open, then join the Survivalist Forum and visit my blog on a regular basis.

We are the independent publishers of the modern era.  If we do not keep these communities open, then we will truly be in the dark in the coming decades.