United States Government Has Ground To A Halt

Democrats are digging in their hills and refusing to work with President Trump. Also, there is a new type of Democrat that considers any teamwork with Republicans an act of betrayal.  Anything President Trump tries to do is met with resistance.   What people do not understand, Trump is the resistance.

Trump was elected because people are sick and tired of business as usual.  We are tired of the government squeezing every penny they can get out of the middle class.  We are tired of corporate welfare, free trade, wall street, illegal immigration… etc.

The problem is, the younger generation only knows a democrat president.

The democrat party of today is not the same party as decades ago.  Democrats use to stand for working class people.  Trade unions turned to Democrats to protect jobs.  But, in the 1990s, unions turned their backs on the working class when unions supported free trade.

Older democrats are tired of the democrat leadership turning its back on working class people.  So who are the everyday working class people supposed to turn to?  They turned to president Trump.

What these new ultra-left wing democrats do not understand, there has to be some give and take for a government to work.  Everyone has to give up something.  The new ultra-left wing liberals are unwilling to compromise in any shape, form or fashion.

Part of the grinding to a halt was caused by the left claiming conservatives are nazis and fascist.  When did Christians become racist, nazis and fascist?  Jesus taught us to love our neighbor.

The Left Is Lying

The honest truth is, the whole ideology of the left is based on lies and deception.

Conservatives are not against immigration, we just want regulated immigration.  This nation tried open immigration, and it was a failure.  Was this not taught in high school?

Do the younger generation even understand Trumps plan?  Or do they just repeat what they read from various liberal websites?

Take this video from CampusReform as an example.

When students are told the tax plan was Bernie Sanders, they love it.

Those students are are future leaders and voters.  Yet, they are not willing to listen to both sides and make up their own mind?  How are the students supposed to be educated voters when they are not willing to listen to both parties?