Diversity is Strangling The United States

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Diversity is a good thing, until it comes to politics. Ever since Republicans took control of both houses and the Presidency in the 2016 elections, congress has been unable to pass any meaningful legislation.

  • Affordable Care Act – not fixed.
  • GOP has not passed any laws easing firearm restrictions.
  • Tax reform has stalled, which is an excellent example of opposing sides strangling the nation.

President Trump wants a tax reform bill that would cut certain write-offs. One of those write-offs is being able to write the interest paid on your home mortgage off income taxes. California and New York oppose the bill.

Without the support of Representatives from from New York and California, it is unlikely the tax reform bill will pass. So, the rest of the nation is held hostage because high income states enjoy certain tax write-offs?

If New York and California want to use their sate taxes to subsidize mortgages, then do so.

The question I have, why is the federal government subsidizing mortgages? Why is the Federal Government subsidizing anything? It is not the job of the federal government to shore up certain sectors.

Once latched onto the governments tit, states do not want to let go.  Cutting off the flow of federal government money would bring those liberals states to their knees.

Liberalism, like socialism, only works when you have access to other peoples money.  Liberal sates need for federal money is strangling the rest of the nation.

It comes down to people who write mortgages off their taxes, versus the people who do not have a mortgage. I own my home; it was paid off several years ago. Why are my taxes subsidizing someone in New York or California?

Liberals vs. Conservatives

Then there is the issue of liberals vs conservatives.

This has grown past a basic conflict of ideology, to a full blown war on conservatives. If someone is a conservative, they are being called Fascist, racist, Nazis… etc.

Just because someone believes in conventional marriage, and GOD, does not make them a NAZI, or racist.

Liberals claim they are tolerant, but that is only as long as you agree with them.

Look at the current war on conservatives.

Look at how the left responded when Trump won the election.

Everything main stream media writes about Trump is negative.

The only reason Trump is hated, is because he ran on the Republican ticket.  If he would have ran as a democrat, main stream media would be showering him with love.


For decades presidents have enjoyed the ability to restrict travel from certain nations.  However, when Trump does it, the nation grids to a halt.

Where was the outrage when President Carter put travel restrictions on place?

Where was the outrage when Obama banned travel from certain nations?

When Trump bans travel from those same nations, the left loses their minds.  They post articles saying the restrictions are nothing alike and bring the Trump administration to court.

2008 – 2016

For eight years we had a president who ruled by the pen.  There was no team work, there were no discussions… nothing.

When Obama wanted something done, he wrote an executive order.  Trump is trying to work with both parties, and neither party is willing to play ball?

It appears to me, congress wants business as usual, and Trump is trying to bring about real change.  The younger generation does not realize Trump is the resistance.

The only way we are going to have real change is to elect more people like Donald Trump.

  • We need real tax reform.
  • We need restrictions on firearms removed.
  • We need Wall Street accountability.
  • We need health care fixed.

These are all important issues, and congress refuses to do anything.

Diversity Has Stalled the Government

It boils down to the people from one state want this, and people from another state want something else.

The government is no longer effective because the states have become to diverse.  Rather than doing what is best for the nation as a whole, the states are at war with each other over ideology.

There is no going back.  The nation will continue to divide, and I fear the end of the Republic is near.