Fast Food Workers

People working fast food need to understand, it is a training program. If you can not make a burger right the first time, how are you supposed to build a refinery, road, dam, power lines, computer network… right the first time?

Would companies tolerant a welder using the wrong welding rod several times a day? You welded that part wrong, cut the weld out and use this welding rod. Only for the person to weld it wrong again.

Or a chemical plant – “You ordered the wrong type of pipe, that is the 10th time this week.”  You installed the wrong part, there is no way it ca hold the pressure, do it again.  Only for the person to do it wrong, again.

I wonder how much food is thrown away across the United States daily, because fast food workers can not get the order right?  How many hungry, poor, improvised… people could we feed with the food thrown away daily?

And then, the people working fast food are upset they are making minimum wage?  If someone can not follow a simple instruction, such as no pickles, minimum wage is all they deserve.

Minimum wage jobs are not intended to be a career path.  The job is a training program to introduce the worker to the concept of doing it right the first time.  If the person never catches on to the concept of “right the first time”, they will never move up in the world.

In the end, the employee blames the fast food company because they are only making minimum wage.

A couple of days ago my family and I were driving through Woodville, Texas.  we stopped at the Jack in the Box where we ordered something to eat.

I am trying to stay away from fried foods, and ordered the grilled chicken on sourdough.

What did I get?  A piece of fried chicken on regular bread.  The bread did not bother me, it was the fried chicken.  Then, the guy at the window tried to hand me sweet tea instead of unsweet.  I cut calories by ordering unsweet tea, which I do not add any kind of sweetener.

How difficult i it to make an unsweet tea?  The tea is already made, just hold it under the dispenser.

So, next time someone complains about making minimum wage, tell them to go to college and get a real job.