One of my Dogs Passed Away

It is with deep regret that I have to make this post.  The newest dog to the pack, a four month old puppy by the name of Buckshot, ran in front of a truck, was ran over and died on August 4th, 2017.

There is a private dirt road that goes through the farm that my cousins use to access their home.  It was on that road, Buckshot ran in front of my cousins truck and was ran over.  He did not suffer and passed away just a few seconds after the accident.

Several months ago one of my cousins brought Buckshot for her mother, my aunt.  My aunt, being an older lady may have had difficulties taking care of the puppy.  It seemed like every day Buckshot was at my house to play with my dogs and to look for food.  I put a feed bowl on the front porch and would make sure the puppy had plenty of food.

Buckshot went for several walks with my dogs and I though the woods.  He was always adorable.

Anyway, my aunt gave me Buckshot.  A week later he died.

He was given a good burial near the front of the house, where he and the other dogs would often play.  He was buried with his collar and his favorite squeaky toy.

I cried for several hours Friday evening, and have been crying a lot today, Saturday.

August 1st, the dogs and I went for a walk down a creek that flows through the farm.  Buckshot was having a great time playing in the water and playing with the other dogs.

He was the best puppy I have ever had, and maybe the smartest.

Buckshot liked a certain squeaky toy that he could not get to squeak.  He would bring the toy to me so I could squeak it for him.

Buckshot was not tall enough to jump on the bed.  So, he would get in the cedar chest at the end of the bed, then would step up to the bed.

He had a kennel to sleep in at night.  Her never had a problem going into the kennel.  Sometimes during the day he would go in it and take a nap.

Buster, Buckshot and Zoey would play for hours in the front yard.  Ellis was even warming up to Buckshot, and that takes a lot.

It breaks my heart that he is gone.  But thus is life.  Nothing last forever and nothing lives forever.  I just wish I had more time than just a couple of months.  Buckshot was my dog for a week, but when he belonged to my aunt we went walking several times.

I am thinking about going to the pound and getting a puppy that needs a home.  I would hope Buckshot wanted his toys to go to another dog.  Somewhere there is a puppy who needs a home and I have a home to give.