New Sawyer PointOne Water Filter

Time to get a new water filter.  I decided to shelf the Katadyn Vario and pick up a Sawyer PointOne.

The Katadyn Vario has had a number of issues, such as leaking around the head.  The final straw was when the hinges on a pump piston broke loose when checking my gear.

I was getting ready for a hiking trip, going over my gear, picked up the Katady Vario, looked it over, worked the handle, and the plastic hinges that work one of the pistons snapped.  The hinge did not break, they just came out of their notches.

Even though everything fit back together, but my trust in the filter has been shot.

The Sawyer PointOne has no real moving parts besides a cap over the end that dispenses the water.  The PointOne has an estimated lifespan of one million gallons, depending on water quality.

Also, I am looking at turning the Sawyer PointOne into a group sized water filter.  The setup would use a couple of hydration bladders to store water, an inline water filter to remove heavy sediment, and then the Sawyer PointOne to remove any harmful pathogens.

I will do another write up about the house filter in another article.

The Sawyer PointOne will be combined with a Platypus hydration bag that has a large opening. The bags that come with the Sawyer Mini and the PointOne are pretty bad when you have to filter water from a shallow running stream. The mouth of the Platypus bag opens so water can be scooped up.

I decided to try the Sawyer PointOne as a new water filter because it is so versatile. If has inline adapters and can work from gravity.

Rather than sitting at a creek and filtering water, the plan is to scoop up water, hang the bladder from a tree and use gravity to filter my drinking water.