President Donald Trump Is The Resistance

Kevin Felts political commentatorWhile browsing a liberal left leaning website, there was mention of there being a resistance towards Trump.

Here is the thing, Trump is the resistance. People in their 40s and up who voted for Trump are tired of politics as usual.

Ever since Nixon established relations with China our factories are been moving over there.

Middle class was crushed by Reaganomics.

Bill Clinton sign GATT and NAFTA.

Economic crash of 2008 and nobody went to prison. The federal reserve printed trillions of out thin air to bail out the banks and everyday working people were handed the bill.

Under obama the national debt almost doubled.  Who is going to pay for all of it?

People in their 40s and up voted for Trump to protect the economic future of our children and grandchildren. And you say you are “resisting”?

People such as yourself are millions of dollars in debt from tax and spend policies of the past. Our factories are being shipped overseas, Trump wants to end all of that and you are resisting?


You realize that almost half the US population is receiving some kind of government benefit. We simply can not sustain those numbers.

Someone has to step in and say no more. We have to change course because things are only going to get worse.

Home ownership is at an all time low. Record number of people are out of the workforce, record number of young people living with their parents, housing is unaffordable and you say there is a resistance to trump?

The “resistance” is shootings itself in the foot.

It appears that the younger generation has no idea what a “resistance” is.  You do not resist someone who is trying to fix things.

Do you resist firefighters when your house is on fire?

Well, the United States is crumbling and someone has to fix the problem.  the only hope we have is President Trump.