Random Thoughts May 21 2017

There is so much going on I do not know where to start.


On the back side of the property there a cabin I am thinking about making it into an off the grid bug out location for friends and family.  The cabin was built in the mid-1970s and would have to be totally gutted and re-wired.  the good thing, it has a metal roof and metal siding.  It has five rooms – living room, kitchen, spare, bedroom and bathroom.  The spare room is just a room that can have a table, or bunkbeds.

Paneling in the bedroom would have to be torn out and replaced.  Might go with some 3/8 inch plywood.

The cabin has a suspended ceiling and almost no insulation.  All of the ceiling tiles would have to be torn out and probably replaced with 3/8 plywood as well.

A shed would need to built for storage and for the water well to go in.  The well right now is in a 3 feet X 4 feet covered area.  The shed would be 12 feet X 16 feet.  That is an easy three sheets of plywood wide and two sheets long.

I am thinking of solar cells on the shed along with the batteries.

All of this takes money though.


The political atmosphere in the United States is sickening.  There has been no “peaceful transfer of power” as there was supposed to be.

Democrats are liberal federal judges are doing everything in their power to obstruct President Trump.

It appears that decades of globalist agenda will not go down without a fight.

Here we are just a little over 100 days into his presidency and democrats are talking about impeachment.  Why?  What goes around comes around.  Impeach Trump and hopefully the next democrat president will be treated the same way.

It is sickening that the democrats have lost over 1,000 state seats between 2008 and 2016, and democrats are blindly the same agenda that lost them those seats.

The American people are sick and tired of gridlock.  We voted Trump into power so we could have someone besides a career politician as president.  Now that we have some who is not a career politician as President, democrats are fighting him. why?

Younger Generation

Who do I blame a lot of these issues on?  The younger generation.  they have lost all respect for others.  They can not accept that other people have an opinion different from theirs.  Rather than accepting a different opinion, anyone who has a different opinion must be drowned out.  they are the enemy and must be treated as such.

There is no mutual respect anymore.