Democrats Are Undermining The Republic

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorIn the United States of America, we are supposed to have a peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another. That “peaceful transfer of power” is being undermined by liberal democrat controlled major media.

No President in history has faced as much backlash as President Trump.

From the very second after the election results, Democrats were crying foul. They refused to accept that Donald Trump was elected President and are doing everything they can to either undermine his term or remove him from office.

When Obama was in office, the GOP fought him on certain issues, and sometimes congress ground to a stand still, but the current events after the election are much worse than anything obama ever faced.

My honest opinion, the leaks and impeachment has nothing to do with Trump, but rather Democrats regaining control of the White House. Liberal Democrats are pushing an agenda. Anyone who stands in the way of that agenda is the enemy.

If Trump was a Democrat and aligned with the left, major media would be silent on what he is doing. It is only because Hillary lost and Donald Trump is not agreeing with Democrats polices that he is under fire.

Rather than working together with President Trump,  Democrats are undermining everything President Trump is trying to do.  As a result, the republic has ground to a halt.

While President Trump is setting new standards for elected officials, Democrats still undermine his efforts.   It is not “just” the democrats that are undermining the republic, it is also the courts.  Federal courts are being used as political activist to promote certain agendas, such as open borders.

Courts are not supposed to promote agendas, they are supposed to enforce the laws.  However, democrats are using the courts to blockade the Trump and pro-American agenda.

By using the courts, Socialist Democrats are undermining the republic.  The will of the people is being ignored.  Rather than accepting the fact everyday working people want a chance of course in government, Liberal Democrats continue their agenda, and this time by force.

The goal of the liberal agenda is to disrupt everything President Trump tries to do.  What they do not realize, the decisions against Trump can also be used against Democrat Presidents in the future.