Venezuela Suspended Gun Rights for 180 Days

Kevin Felts political commentatorThis is what happens when the government controls firearms. There is a lot to learn from Venezuela. Some people may say “That could never happen here”, sure it can. The government can suspend civil rights under certain situation. The United States Supreme Court upheld Executive Order 9066, which was signed by Franklin Roosevelt and detained thousands of Japanese-Americans during World War II. The law has yet to be repealed.

What I worry about, is groups like antifa causing enough civil unrest that basic civil liberties are suspended.

With the outrage with Trump being elected President, what would happen if he is reelected?


My personal opinion the left is not far from causing widespread civil unrest. Look at the news, look at the unrest over freedom of speech at American Universities.

It appears Venezuela has reached a tipping point, and we are not far behind.

A Warning: Venezuela Just Suspended Civilian Gun Rights for 180 Days

The honest truth is, the liberal left does not respect any opinion expect those that agree with them. Under a liberal controlled government, the only people who have rights are those who agree with the left.

If you disagree with the left, you have no rights.

What people who vote democrats do not understand, the end goal of the democrats agenda is socialism, and eventually communism.  Anyone who disagrees is labeled a nazi.

Venezuela Example

The sad part, most of the people using buzzwords such as nazi and fascist do not know what the words mean.  By shouting down those who have a different opinion, the people calling others fascist are in fact the real fascist.

Fascism does not allow an opposing view.  So when someone offers a different opinion, they are not fascist.

It is sad to see free speech dying in the United States.

To bring down the republic, democrats have to limit free speech.  This is done through labeling free speech as hate speech.

Venezuela is a example of where the United States is heading under democrat control.  Speech will be limited, gun ownership will be restricted, and the only form of government allowed will be the progressive liberal agenda – aka socialism.