Fig Tree Organic Fertilizer Experiment

Fig tree with some chickens

For some reason my fig trees are not growing like they should. I suspect it is due to the sandy soil and a lack of composting around the fig trees. There is just any nutrients in the soil for the trees to pull from.

I do not want to put commercial fertilizer around them, so I mixed up some organic fertilizer:

  • Cut the top off of a one gallon milk jug.
  • Fill 3/4 with water.
  • One handful aged chicken manure.
  • One handful ash from my smoker. This is a mix of oak, pecan and wild cherry.
  • Handful bone meal.
  • Urine.
  • Mix together with a stick.
  • Pour around base of fig tree.

I had a small one year old fig tree that I thought had died over the winter. It was nothing more than a foot long stick with a very small sprout coming off the top.

I picked that fig tree to try the experiment on. The solution was poured around the base.

One month later, the test tree had almost a foot of growth, the other fig trees had very little growth.

Two of the larger fig trees had almost no growth over the course of the month.

First video posted March 10, 2017

Follow up video posted April 28, 2017.

The test tree up on about 12 inches of growth in a month. The other three fig trees barely put on any growth. Two of the trees barely any growth at all.

I mixed some another batch of the organic fertilizer and poured it around the small tree.  If it was the solution that helped the first tree grow, hopefully we will seen similar results in the next test.