Why Is There So Much Hate For Religion

On February 27, 2017 someone on a facebook page posted a picture of a bible being urinated on.  The guy said he was tired of seeing bibles in hotel rooms.

I posted a comment that the guy should be banned from the group.  A young lady replied to my comment claiming the the Bible was a myth and Jesus never existed.  She went on to give various examples of why the Bible was not to be believed.

Whether someone does or does not believe in th Bible, GOD or Jesus, is not the issue.

The question I have, why is there so much anger directed towards a person who only taught love and good works?  Jesus taught us to love one another, and people hate him of it.



The young lady I was talking to on Facebook said she was a Apistevist.  I had to look up what that word means,

a person who does not use faith to know things, especially in the religious sense.

It baffles me that people have no faith. They must live a very unhappy life.  Everything in life is based on faith.

Have faith that we will have a job.

Have faith that our lives will be filled with joy.

Have faith that our children will grow up to be productive citizens of society.

Have faith that our friends and family love us.

Have faith that our wife will not turn into a cheating lying whore, which does happen a lot.

Faith allows us to find happiness.

Happiness is not based on questioning everything.  That leads to a doubtful unhappy life.  Questions lead to doubt, doubt leads to unhappiness.

Faith and Hope

I have faith and hope the garden I planted will grow.

I have faith and hope my parents will be here for many more years.

Better Than GOD

The only reason I can think of as to why people hate religion, is that they believe they are better than GOD.  They believe that they are in control of their lives.

They believe the universe was magically created from nothing.

The fool hath said in his heart, there is no GOD.

They believe there is no stronger guiding light than mans on sense of morality.  Every decision made by the haters of GOD is free from judgment.

What do we get without GOD in our lives, we get anger, hatred, drugs, cheating, divorce.  but then again, people who claim t be Christians lie, cheat and steal.