Starting Livestock Fence Project

Fence post

2017 is the year I fence in several acres for livestock.  I have been talking about this for several years, and this year is when I take action to put the project into motion.

One of my favorite books about medieval life, which is Life in a Medieval Village by Frances and Joseph Gies, talks about how people valued small livestock.  Cattle were mainly for milk production, which was used to make cheese and butter.

In medieval times there was no way to preserve meat for long periods.  If a 500 pound cow was butchered, a large amount of meat would rot and go to waste.  Based on that, I am going to focus on small livestock and just a couple of cattle.

I would like to have around 6 or 7 acres fenced in for goats, sheep and a couple of cattle.

Just outside the livestock fence I am working on a wildlife habitat area for deer, squirrels and rabbits.

Pole Barn

Inside the livestock area I want to build a pole barn that measures around 36 feet wide by around 36 or 40 feet long.  The pole barn has to be large enough to park farm equipment, provide shelter for livestock, work area and be able to stack firewood.

I want a place that has solar power for lights and a rain catch system for the livestock.  Someplace where I can get away from society, listen to the goats, and maybe even do some blacksmithing.  I want a place where I can go back to the middle ages, even just for a little while, and enjoy the peace and quiet.  A pole barn is something I have wanted for a very long time.  No farm is complete without a barn.

Goats and Sheep

I want to make my own butter and cheese.  Rather than having a milk cow, I would like to use small livestock.

Goats and sheep forage on different types of grass and weeds.  Goats eat the weeds while sheep eat the grass.

I want raise as much of my own food as I can.  To have a garden of beans, peas, corn and squash.  Have my pear, fig and blue berries.  To store whatever I can for the winter months.

The end goal is to be close to nature and live in peace and quiet.