Survivalist: What Is Your Prepping Goal

camping on the angelina river

Survivalist, what is your prepping goal?   Preppers can not be classified into several different categories. We have different groups who subscribe to different prepping plans. These go way beyond what organizations like FEMA and the Red Cross suggest.

We all know the government will not be able to help everyone. There are also situations that may result in the collapse of the federal and state governments, such as nuclear war or some kind of new disease.

For example, my personal prepping goal is presteading.  Which is a combination of prepping an homesteading.  The long term goal is to develop a homestead based off lessons learned from the middle ages, and combine those with modern homesteading.

People Who Stockpile May Say

A years worth of freeze dried food and dried food in mylar bags, 10,000 rounds per caliber or per firearm, hundreds of gallons of water, or access to a water well.

They are content to have a storeroom filled floor to ceiling with food, first aid supplies, firearms and ammunition.

Bug Out Preppers May Say

Enough fuel stockpile to make it to the bug out location, bug out bag with a weeks worth of food, planned bug out location, planned bug out routes with alternate routes.

There are preppers who plan on bugging out to a national forest.  If you are one of them, have you scouted the location?  Do you have topo maps of the area?

Then there are people who plan on bugging out to a remote river or lake.  Do you have a boat in working order?  Have you scouted the area?  Here in Jasper Texas there are camping sites on the Angelina River that are only accessible by boat or hiking through wilderness areas.

Homesteaders May Say

A self-sustaining farm with garden, chickens, pigs, goats, fruit trees… etc.

My ideal plan is to have a farm that is as self-sustainable as possible. The goal for 2017 is to fence off a few acres for goats, sheep and maybe a few cows and develop a wildlife habitat.

With looking at building a pole barn and buying fencing material, stockpiling freeze dried food and stockpiling ten thousand rounds falls to secondary importance.

My main goal is to get a few acres fenced in and build the pole barn.  Then work on a reliable food source such as chickens (which I already have), goats, cattle, and maybe some horses.

Your Prepping Goal

What is your main prepping goal that you hope to achieve?