Fire Alarm, Young Men and Respect

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorMy fiancee and I Went to see Rogue One at Tinseltown in Beaumont. Towards the end of the movie the fire alarm went off. A lady came over the speaker system and said a fire alarm had gone off and asked everyone to exit the building.

People got up and started exiting through the fire exit. When my fiancee and I reached the exit I looked back and realized there were a number of older couples waiting on everyone to leave so they could make their way down.

Every young man who walked out was either playing on their phone or not checking on other around them.  I felt rather sick to my stomach that these young men were only thinking of themselves and were some of the first ones to leave the building.

I waited inside the doorway until everyone was outside.

There were no flames or smoke. I felt that do not excuse the behavior of the young men who walked out of the building and never offered to help anyone.  There were several able young men in their 20s and 30s and not a single one observed the older people who were last to leave.

I felt like chewing all their asses out, but it would not have changed anything.

What happened to teaching young men to look after others who are less capable?  Whatever happened to manners?


There was once a time when young people were taught respect.  If an older person needed help, the young person was supposed to offer help.

When the  young men walked out of the movie theater without even considering the older people, this showed a shift in what young people are being taught.

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There was once a time when people cared about each other.   It appears those times are long gone.  Today, people are less considerate, and a lot less thoughtful of others.  Where does this leave the future of our culture?

The current mindset among young is, “I have mine, so screw everyone else.”  That is not a good example to set for the next generation.