Tractor Mounted Log Splitter For The Farm

Landed a tractor powered log splitter for the farm.  This is something I have wanted and needed for a very long time.  An older gentleman had a log slitter he was no longer using.   It had been left uncovered for so long the hoses and seal on the ram had dry rotted.

The splitter works with a pump that slips over the spline of the tractor PTO. The hoses going to and from the pump were dry rotted through and were leaking.

There is a place in Jasper Texas called East Texas Mill Supply. They can make up a new hose in a matter of a few minutes. That is where I took the hoses.

Hydraulic oil was drained out of the tank and replaced with new.

The pump wanted to turn with the PTO shaft, so a chain was rigged up to hold it in place.  The pump was supposed to have what is called a “torque bar”, but it was not on the pump.  Rather than contacting the original owner and bothering him, I am rigging up something that will work.  It just needs to be something to hold the pump in place while the PTO shaft turns.

The tractor was set to 1,000 rpms and the splitter was splitting 16 inch pen oak rounds with no problem. The tractor engine did not miss a beat. The oak rounds were splitting in half like they were nothing.

After around 30 minutes or so of use the seal on the ram started leaking. I took the ram off and took it to a machine shop Jasper Texas that right across from the Mill Supply place. The ram should be ready in a couple of days.

Tractor Mounted Log Splitter

Tractor mounted log splitter

For those of you who do not know what a PTO is, it is called a power take off.  It is a shaft that sticks out of the back of the tractor to supply power to farm equipment.  In this case it turns a shaft in the hydraulic pump.

When people hear the name “log splitter” they think of a gasoline powered log splitter like what the local farm supply stores sell.

The difference between the PTO powered splitter and a gasoline powered splitter, the diesel engine of the tractor provides more power than a small gasoline engine could ever hope to.

Stockpiling Wood

Cut and split firewood

Now that I have a way to split large amounts of wood, this means I can stockpile more wood than is physically possible to split by hand.

With the log splitter, I can split more wood in 30 minutes than I could do by hand in several hours.

In a few weeks I am going to have a work day on the farm.  Hopefully I can get my sons over here and we can cut down a large wild cherry tree that I have in mind.  There are also a few young oak trees I need to clear out.

The plan is to cut the tree down, cut it up, split the wood right there at the tree, then load it in the truck and bring it to the barn.