Stances That Cost Hillary Clinton The 2016 Election

Kevin Felts political commentatorWhile liberals continue to ask why did Hillary Clinton lose the election, the answer lies within her stance on certain issues.  What Hillary told the people and want she said to Wall Street were two different things.  Rather than addressing the issues, Hillary played on the fears and emotions of minorities.

President Obama promised a lot of stuff.  Very little of what he promised came to fruition.  States who expanded Medicaid under Obamacare are running out of money, as was be expected.  Companies still have offshore tax havens.

Instead of working with congress to close to tax havens, president Obama sat on his hands.  That tax money could of been used to send young adults from under privileged families to college.

The people want a president who:

  • Ends free trade.
  • Supports traditional family values.
  • Opposes abortion.
  • Who respects our rights to gun ownership
  • Who upholds their promises.
  • Puts the people before Wall Street.
  • Ends offshore tax havens.
  • Has a good and working relations with other world leaders.
  • Stands firm on terrorism.
  • Does not sell arms to ISIS.
  • Goes to church.
  • Rebuilds relations with Europe.
  • Puts England before the Middle East.

After eight years of President Obama, we have had enough.

President Obama did not even send an official envoy to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. What President in their right mind snubs our greatest ally, England. Margaret Thatcher was an example women all over the world could look up to. From a nation that is supposed to support womens equality, there was no excuse for not attending the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.

Stances That Cost Hillary The Election

Gun Control – When Hillary said she was going to restrict Semi-automatic rifles, she lost the NRA and gun rights vote.  People who may not be members of the NRA listen to what the organization says, and they listen to what the politician says.  When Hillary talked about restricting gun ownership, she lost voters.

Free Trade – As far as I remember, Hillary never addressed free trade and the trade imbalance with China.  People are tired of free trade and we want our factories back.  When Donald Trump addressed free trade and Hillary did not, she lost voters.

Abortion – Hillarys stance on abortion lost her voters.  Nobody in their right mind can support abortion.  It is immoral and devalues human life.

Offshore Tax Havens – Hillary refusing to address offshore tax havens.  During the debates Donald Trump addressed offshore tax havens.  All Hillary did was smile while he was talking.  This gave the impression that Donald would never going to get to do anything because she was going to win.

Fear Mongering – Hillary gave the appearance that her campaign relied on fear rather than facts.  Example, Hillary often talked about equal pay for women.  Did she ever mention there is already an equal pay law on the books?  It is called the Equal Pay Act of 1963.  It ensures women make the same as men.  If there is already a law on the books and the law is being used to sue companies who discriminate, what “exactly” was Hillary going to do?  was she going to pass more laws?  Why?  We already have a law that is working, why do we need more laws?

Social Media – Major media refused to talk about wikileaks.  This did not stop the leaks from being shared on social media.  Leaked emails showing the Democratic National Convention favored Bernie Sanders upended Democrats hope of open and free elections.  Leaked emails with democrats saying “we can not believe our own primary hype”, undermined faith in the DNC.

Public and Private Opinion – When it came out about Hillary talked about having a public and private opinion, this lost her votes.  We want a president who is honest and upfront with the people.  We can not have a president who tell the people one thing then tells Wall Street something else.

Open Immigration – The people want secure borders.  Hillarys stance on immigration cost her votes.  We are tired of immigrants entering the nation illegally and then receiving benefits.  The flow of immigrants from war-torn nations has to end.  Let Saudi Arabia or Kuwait take in the immigrants.

Destabilizing the Middle East – The Obama administration along with the State Department overthrew Muammar Gaddafi, which destabilized Libya.  Now the United States is working to overthrow Bashar al-Assad? Why? Everytime a leader in the middle east is overthrown, there is a civil war between groups seeking control. The voters know we have no business in the middle east except when it directly affects the United States.

Hillary Lost By Her Own Words

Democrats and Hillary have nobody to blame but themselves.  Their own failed policies and stances that in direct opposition to the American public cost them the election.

The vast majority of people do not want free trade.  We have come to realize it destroys jobs and ruins economies.  The only people who benefit from free trade are Wall Street, while everyday working people are left out in the cold.

The Democrat party at one time was the party to everyday working people.  When Bill Clinton with the support of democrat controlled unions signed free trade agreements, democrats turned their back on the people.

Democrats Place In History

Donald Trump is looking to make the Grand ole Party the party for working people.  If Donald pulls this off, democrats are done for.  If Donald Trump is able to get our factories back, create an economic boom, and bring back the middle class, the democrat party will fade into history.

Democrats will be remembered as the party who gave our factories away.  Republicans will be remembered as the party who brought our factories back.

Sometime between the 1860s and the 1960s the democratic party should have faded away into obscurity.  Somehow the party of hate and fear mongering held on.  The only way democrats have been able to hold on is by turning one demographic against another.  Hopefully people will open their eyes and make sure the party of hate fades away into the pages of history.