Election, Life, Millennials, Democrats and the 2016 Elections

I want to do a video blog (vblog) about the elections, life and millennials. There has been a lot of stuff going on in the United States and worldwide, that will be felt for generations.  If Trump holds true to even part of his promises the United States poses to be a world leader.  And not only a world leader, but to work with other world leaders to create a bright future for everyone.

The liberal agenda of open borders and free trade has to end.  The liberal agenda of safe haven cities for illegal immigrants has to end.  It will be interesting to see what happens when safe haven cities defy President Trump.

2016 election

The democrat party platform, as they have always been, is built on fear.

1860s – 1960s, democrats played on the fears of minorities. See those minorities over there, they want to hurt you.

1960s – present day, democrats have demonized the conservative white male. See that white man, he is oppressing all minorities.

Example, when Hillary was running for president she promised women would the same as men.  Equal pay for equal work, which is great.  The problem is, there is already and equal pay law on the books.  It is called the equal pay act of 1963.  The law is being used to sue employers who discriminate against women.

What “exactly” was Hillary supposed to do, pass more laws?  Why?  We already have laws that address the very issue she was talking about.

All Hillary was doing is playing on the fears of women to gain their vote.

While Trump was talking about free trade and tax havens during the debate, all Hillary did was stand there and smile.  She probably figured she had the election in the bag and Trump was just blowing smoke.  trump would never be able to end free trade, trump would never be able to end tax havens,,, etc.

Hillary and the liberal elite got a rude awaking Tuesday November 8th 2016.


Things are going good here on the farm.  I have a broody hen that is sitting on eggs.  I cleaned the chicken house up and moved the water barrel outside.  Some of the chickens were roosting on the water barrel and pooping all over the top of it.

I turn 49 years old in 2017.  It seems only like a few weeks ago I was in high school and my kids were being born.

The 1990s seem so long ago, yet they seem like only yesterday.  I miss the 1990s.  My kids were young, things seemed simple, I was going to college,,, life for the most part was good.


Millennials for the most part are getting a bum ride.  Even though Republican Party have the highest percentage of people living with their parents out of all generations, it is not their fault.  Millennials are the result of free trade.

While browsing youtube I came across a video of two young men debating about Trump.  One young man said, “what is Trump going to do to make America great again”?  that young man slept through class, or, that part of American history was not taught at his school.

The United States used to sell to the rest of the world.  We innovated, we manufactured, and we sold to the world.  Wall Street lusting over profits drove our factories overseas.  Free trade agreements signed by every president since Nixon signed the fate for the millennials.

Hopefully Donald Trump can end free trade, bring the factories back and put millennials to work.  Hopefully, in a few years millennials will be able to get a factory job and be able to buy a home, buy a car, and afford to have a family.

Future of the Republican Party

The Republican Party (GOP) HAS to turn into a middle class workers party.  The democrats and the GOP have failed to protect American jobs.  As a result millennials can not find a job.

What is the next generation supposed to do?

The party that ends free trade will gain the votes of future generations.  That party has to be the GOP.