Millennials Have to Support Trump For Their Financial Future

Kevin Felts political commentatorIt is critical millennials support President Donald Trump.  Ending free trade will be the only way they will have a real financial future.  Free trade with China and other low wage nations has decimated the middle class here in the United States.  Millennials do not realize their financial future depends on ending free trade.

While browsing YouTube I came across a video of two young men arguing back and forth about Trump.

One young man asked how is trump going to make America great again.

It was at that point I realized he had slept through American history classes in school. There was once a time when the United States was the manufacturing hub of the world. We produced all kinds of stuff.

Then came along free trade.

Those young men did not know that there was a time when a young man could go into the workforce and afford to buy a home. buy a car and have a family.

Millennials voting against Donald Trump are voting against their own financial future.

Financial Future

Why do people argue against securing their financial future?

  • More young people than ever before are living with their parents.
  • Home ownership among young people is in decline.
  • Adults in their 20s and 30s are putting off starting a family or buying a home.
  • Fewer women are having children.

Yet, when President Trump wants to bring the jobs back from low wage nations, people object?  Why?  Why argue against being able to buy a home and start a family?

It would appear millennials have been brainwashed by the democrat agenda of repeating a lie until people believe it.  Rather than looking at the policies proposed by the person running for president,  his personal life is more important.

Liberal controlled media convinced people something Trump did in the 1970s was more important than restoring the middle class.   There has to be a change of course to restore the middle class, and millennials are fighting that change.

These are desperate times as the middle class has been decimated by free trade.  Yet, millennials would rather continue to live with their parents than vote for Trump?  Are they stupid, or lazy?