Democrat Party Socialist Agenda Is In Death Throes

Kevin Felts political commentatorThe socialist democrat party is in its death throes. Voters are starting to wake up, they realize the end goal of the democrat party agenda is communism

Republicans, the party that was “supposed” to fade away into history now controls two branches of government. Democratic party leaders are in their 70s, which are Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders.

In two years something like 25 senate seats will be up for election. This gives the GOP 2 years to turn the economy and the nation around. If they do, democrats will lose even more seats in the senate.

The fear mongering, corporate loving, free trade loving, open immigration democrat party better get its act together before the final nails are driven in the coffin 2 years from now.

The silent majority sees democrats for what they are, and we do not like it.

Free Trade

Free trade has devastated our economy ever since Nixon opened trade with China.

Reagan screwed the working class by lowering taxes on the rich.

Bush sr wanted GATT and NAFTA passed.

Clinton signed GATT and NAFTA.  Democrat controlled unions pushed for GATT and NAFTA.  Why?  Probably because the unions are in the pockets of the companies.

Bush jr more free trade, overthrew Saddam Hussein, destabilized the middle east.

Obama, trans pacific partnership, affordable care act, more free trade, stressed tensions with Russia and England.

Every president since Nixon has screwed over the working class. And millennials wonder why Hillary lost?

We are TIRED of business as usual!!!!!

Liberal Controlled Media

Liberal controlled media no longer has a major effect on elections.  Those who feed off fear and hate still visit liberal democrat controlled sites.  Those who want the facts now visit alternative news sites where they can get honest opinions.

The silent majority are sick and tired of major media lying to us.  Yall have to wonder “why” Hillary Clinton lost the election and Donald Trump won?

We are tired of news agencies telling us who would make the best president.  Present the facts and let us make up our own mind.  We want facts without biased opinions.

With social media and personal blogs it is easier than ever to call out sites like CNN for censoring the news.  The major media still believes it can lie and mislead the public and we will not learn the truth?

Through wikileaks we learned the democratic party does not even believe their own primary hype.  Everything said during the primary was to gain votes, nothing more.

We learned the DNC favored Hillary over Bernie.  What happened to open and free elections and letting the people pick?  The DNC is not interested in what the people want, and that is one reason why they lost the 2016 elections.

Democrats Feed Off Fear

Democrats are a party of fear and hatred.  Without fear, democrats have no platform.  They have done this since the United States civil war all the way up to today.  They gain votes by pointing towards a certain demographic and whisper in the ears of anyone who will listen, “see those people over there, they want to hurt you”.

One a certain demographic hates and fears a certain group, it is almost impossible to unlearn.  It can take generations to undo the hatred spewed by democrats.  Those generations will surely vote democrat so that other demographic can not hurt them.

Democrats create a problem, them sell themselves as the on ones who can fix the problem.  It is simple cause and effect.  Democrats cause a nonexistent problem, then proudly proclaim themselves as the solution.

The only way to defeat democrats is with the truth, which major media is not telling the people.  Major media also feeds off fear.  So we have two organizations who feed off civil unrest, fear and anger.

How do we defeat major media and the fear mongering democrats?  Stop paying attention to them and stop voting for them.  They will have to adapt to survive.

Love and Tolerance

Instead of preaching hate, democrats and major media need to preach love and tolerance.  Which means love and tolerance for people who have a different opinion from liberal socialist democrats

So what if someone disagrees with your opinion?   Respect their opinion and move forward.  We can all live in peace as long as we respect each others opinions.

The problem is, liberal democrats lack love and tolerance for different opinions.  Disagree with abortion, you are a bigot.  Disagree with open borders, you are a bigot.  Disagreeing is not the same as being a bigot.  We just have different opinions, that’s all.