Race Had Nothing To Do With Trump Winning

Kevin Felts political commentatorThe race baiters are at it again.  This time they are callign the election of Donald Trump a, “Whitelash.”  As in whites are lashing out at the United States having a black president.

Honest truth, the middle class is tired of business as usual.  We are tired of out jobs being sent to China.  China surpassed the United States as the worlds largest trading partner.

Donald Trump won the election based on President Obamas failed policies and the fear mongering done by Hillary Clinton.  President Obama promised hope and change, and all we got was mandated health insurance.  Rather than working with both parties, President Obama  tried to rule by exectuive order, and people are tired of it.

There Is The Issue Of:

  • Hillary bragging about President Obama and his failed policies.
  • The state department selling arms to ISIS.
  • Email scandal.
  • Democratic National Convention (DNC) rigged primaries.
  • Danney Williams claiming Hillary kept him away from his father, Bill Clinton.
  • Hillary accepting money from Saudi Arabia.
  • DNC workers saying they can not believe their own primary hype.
  • FBI not charging Hillary after investigating the email scandal.
  • FBI not swearing Hillary in when she gave testimony during the investigation.
  • Hillary refused to address free trade.
  • Coal miners feared for their jobs under Hillary.
  • Hillary did not address the rust belt.
  • Hillary did not address jobs going overseas (free trade).
  • Hillary did not address offshore tax havens.
  • DNC leaking debate questions to Hillary.
  • Major media leaning heavily towards Hillary.
  • Talked about open borders.
  • Wanted more gun control (lost the National Rifle Association NRA vote).

Then there are the unpopular President Obama policies.

  • Affordable healthcare act that forces people to buy insurance.
  • Easing trade sanctions on Iran.
  • Overthrowing Muammar Gaddafi.
  • State department selling arms to Egypt and organizations who favor ISIS.
  • Snubbing the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.
  • Signing free trade agreements.
  • Pushing the Trans Pacific Partnership.
  • Changed human rights status of Malaysia so Malaysia could join the Trans Pacific Partnership.
  • Closed the only lead smelting plant in the United States. We have no way to refine lead ore to usable lead.
  • Stressed relations with England.
  • Stressed relations with Russia.
  • Imposed sanctions on Russia for their invasion of Crimea.
  • Jobs that are being created are low wage jobs.
  • Cost of health insurance skyrocketing.
  • Did not balance trade with China.
  • Did not bring Wall Street to justice over the 2008 crisis.
  • Did not secure the borders.

Where Is Race On That List

Racism is nowhere in the above list.  Because race did not play an issue in the 2016 election.

Where are the promises President Obama made about affordable college for everyone? What about health insurance that cost as much as a cell phone bill?

A lot of people are VERY unhappy with the direction of the nation under President Obama. Rather than saying she will take the nation in a different direction, Hillary rode on the coattail of Obama. If Hillary is not offering anything new, why would anyone vote for her?

Working middle class has been pushed down for decades. Ever since Nixon visited China and opened trade relations, companies have flocked to China in order to exploit cheap labor.  No president since Nixon has opposed free trade.  Nobody has addressed the effects of free trade until Donald Trump came along.  Ross Perot talked about free trade and warned the public of what was to come, but voters did not listen.

Hillary Did Not Address The Economy

The economy has reached  point where young adults can not afford to buy a home.  We are living pay check to pay check and we are tired of it.  We want better than “just getting by”, which is what Hillary offered.

Working middle class want their jobs back from China.  We want to buy a home, car and have a family.  Hillary refused to address the issues facing everyday working people.  So we voted for trump.  We voted for our future, the financial future of the nation and so our children will have jobs.

Free trade is destroying our economy.  Hillary refused to address the lost jobs, the closed steel mills, the lost factories,,, etc.  While companies send factories overseas, wall street gets richer and the middle class is driven into poverty.

Something Had To Give

With the middle class being pushed into poverty, something had to give.  It was just a matter of time before someone ran for president who promised to bring our jobs back and secure our borders.  The people want secure borders and we want jobs.

Hillary was seen as a political insider.  She bragged about how many years she had worked in the government.  The end result was the voters not wanting another “insider” running the nation.  Voters wanted the “real” hope and change President Obama promised but did not deliver on.

During the 2008 election President Obama said “Hillary will say anything and change nothing”.  The people took him for his word.  The words Obama said 8 years ago came back to Haunt Hillary Clinton.  When President Obama came out in support of Hillary he came across as a hypocrite.  President Obamas support of Hillary did not come across as being sincere.  It seemed like the whole thing was staged to keep the Democrats in power.

Something, sooner or later, had to give.  We were faced with career politicians handing the torch to each other, who we “know” will change nothing.  What were voters supposed to do, blindly vote for Hillary?  NO!!!

When we elected Trump, we voted for real change.