Why Did Hillary Lose the 2016 Election

Kevin Felts political commentatorWhy Did Hillary Lose the 2016 Election?  Hillary lost because working class people are tired of liberal agendas, and we were tired of career politicians.

We are tired of free trade.

We want our jobs back from China.

We want to be able to afford to buy a home, car, and have a family.

We are tired of banks getting bailed out.

We are tired of wall street getting a free ride.

We are tired of obama being more interested in bathrooms than veterans.

Fear Mongering

We are tired of democrats fear mongering to divide us. Without fear democrats have no political platform. That is the way they have been in the past and that is the way they will always be. Democrats thrive on turning one demographic against another. Hillarys whole platform was built on how one group, conservative white men, are keeping everyone else down.

Hillary talked a lot about pay inequality. She said when she becomes president she will make sure women get paid as much as men. Well,,, there is already a pay equality law on the books. It is called the Equal Pay Act of 1963. If there is already a pay equality law, what “exactly” is Hillary supposed to do?

Hillary talked about pay equality because it played on the emotions of women. Fear and emotions were the foundation of the Hillary platform. The people who were smart enough to see through her lies voted for Donald Trump.

National Issues

We are tired of obama paying attention to bathroom issues when we have more pressing issues. Iran is on the way to going nuclear, which will start a middle east arms race. The economy stinks, which goes back to free trade. Cost of health insurance is going through the roof. Honestly, the cost of everything is going through the roof.

We are tired of the government picking and choosing which laws it wants to enforce. There is a part of the affordable care act that forces employers with more than a certain amount of employees to provide health coverage. It is called the employer mandate. The obama administration refuses to enforce the employer mandate. So instead of forcing companies to provide health insurance, the obama administration is pushing the cost of health coverage to the people.

World Relations

We are tired of democrats stressing relations with other world superpowers. President obama did not even send an official envoy to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. Talk about a slap in the face to Great Britain. Obama talks about equality, yet he snubbed one of the greatest women in recent times.

Being under president obamas wing for so long, do we “really” think Hillary is going to change anything?

Hillary said you need a public and private opinion. In other words, tell the peasants what they want to hear, hen tell wall street the truth.

Jobs and Free Trade

Jobs, jobs and more jobs. “Exactly” how was hillary going to create jobs? China has our factories, so where were the jobs supposed to come from? The types of jobs democrats talk about are low wage retail jobs. How are young adults supposed to buy a home, buy a car and raise a family working at a minimum wage retail job?

We need goo paying manufacturing jobs rather than low paying retail jobs. The “only” way to get those manufacturing jobs is to end free trade. Did Hillary ever address free trade? I never heard her say anything about ending free trade and bringing our jobs back.

Racial Tensions

Under president obama race relations are probably the worst they have been in decades.  With Hillary fear mongering do we “really” expect that to change? What has the obama administration done to ease racial tensions?

Hillary on the other hand, everything is the fault of the white middle class conservative male. He is the one keeping minorities down.  He is the one that does not pay women for equal work.  He is the racist.

Rather than easing racial tensions, democrats inflamed them.  Democrats thrive on the tension between demographic groups.  Without those tensions democrats have no platform.

Why Did Hillary Lose

People can see through the fear mongering and lies, and that is why Hillary lost.