Who Is To Blame For Hillary Clinton Losing The 2016 Presidential Election

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorWho is to blame for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 presidential election?  Start by blaming liberal agendas, wall street, liberal elite, globalist,,, everyone who has turned their back on everyday working people.

Hillary Clinton losing and Donald Trump winning is the result of the government turning its back on the people for decades.

To understand and explain the election of 2016 we need to go back to the 1970s.  All the way back to when Richard Nixon was president.

Richard Nixon – Let’s start back in the 1970s with Richard Nixon.  Nixon opened relations with China.  Shortly after toy company started moving production to China.  Factories closed, people started losing their jobs and company profits started going up.  Wall Street loved not having to pay workers a fair wage.

Jimmy Carter – Did not do too much.

Ronald Reagan – Gave massive tax breaks to the rich. The end result was college cost going up and income inequality widening.

George H. W. Bush – Worked on a global trade agreement called the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade, aka GATT and the North American Free Trade Agreement, aka NAFTA.

Bill Clinton – Signed the free trade agreements, eased banking regulations and helped get China into the world trade organization, aka WTO.  The eased bank regulations contributed to the collapse of 2008.

George W. Bush – Expanded free trade.

Obama – Signed even more free trade agreements. Did not bring those responsible for the financial collapse to justice.

Just about every president since Richard Nixon has ensured companies can send their factories overseas, especially to China. Millions of US citizens have been put out of work due to free trade. Good paying manufacturing jobs have been replaced with low wage retail jobs. How is someone supposed to buy a home, buy a car and raise a family on a minimum wage retail job?

Why did Hillary Clinton lose the election?  One reason is she did not address free trade.

Young People Are Giving Up

A record number of young adults are out of the workforce. There is even a name of these people, they are called NEETS – Not in Education, Employment, or Training. These are people, usually young adults, who have dropped out of the workforce. Many of them have given up on the hope of getting a good paying job. They have given up on ever having a family, given up on buying a nice car or truck and given up on ever owning a home.

One thing young adults have, is a vote.

By voting for Donald Trump NEETS voted against wall street, they voted against the establishment, they voted against business as usual, they voted to bring their jobs back from China.

Did Hillary ever address free trade?  Did she ever talk to the middle class about their concerns?  Did Hillary Clinton ever talk about rebuilding the middle class?

Rebuilding the middle class with good paying jobs will give young people hope.  Hope that one day they can have a good job, one day have a nice home and maybe one day have a family.

Hillary Clinton Did Not Connect To Everyday People

The middle class wants someone who talks about solutions.  We want someone who gives us the details on how they are going to make healthcare affordable.  Details about how they are going to help young people in college.

Hillary Clinton built her campaign on fear mongering, rather than facts and details.

We wanted to hear about bringing our jobs back from China.  Hillary talked about pay inequality, which was a platform built on lies.

We wanted to hear about healthcare cost.

Voters wanted Hillary Clinton to address wall street greed.

Voters needed Hillary to understand that they wanted jobs, good paying jobs.  As long as wall street has their way people will remain poor and money will remain in the hands of the rich.

Hillary Acted Arrogant

During the presidential debates Hillary Clinton acted smug and she had an arrogant smile.  Hillary acted like she was too good to even be in the debates.

Voters want someone who appeals to them.  Hillary Clinton did not come across as someone who understood the plight of the working middle class.  She did not come across as someone who struggles to pay the bills, or someone who worries about keeping the lights on and the kids fed.

Hillary Clinton came across as a wall street puppet who was put out on stage to appease the people.