Thrunite TN4A Flashlight Review

Full disclosure: I received the Thrunite TN4A at no cost to myself. Receiving a sample at no cost to myself will not influence my opinion as I look at the results of the test. The most important factor is if the flashlight passed all of the test and continue operating.

The leaders of the high quality flashlight pack are names like Surefire and Streamlight. Those guys better up their game because Thrunite is offering a quality product at a very affordable price.

The test: Some of the youtube viewers have accused me of abusing the flashlights in my test.

One example is the Thrunite TN12 review where the flashlight is put through all kinds of test.  Some of the viewers asked what running over the light with a tractor proved.  Some testers run over gear with a car or truck, so I thought why not be different and use a tractor.  Due to the feedback I decided not to run over the Thrunite TN4A with a tractor.


  • Output mode/Runtime*:
  • Strobe (1050 lumens / 150 minutes)
  • Turbo(1050 lumens / 56 minutes)
  • High (520 lumens / 150 minutes)
  • Medium (120 lumens / 14 hrs)
  • Low (14lumens / 93 hrs)
  • Firefly (0.2lumens / 80 days)
  • Impact resistant: 2 meters
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (1.5meters)
  • Dimensions: 4 1/2 inches long X 1 3/4 in diameter
  • Weight: 7.7 ounces without batteries
  • Carry case
  • Lanyard

The Thrunite TN4A comes apart into 3 main pieces – piece that holds the switch and bulb, battery assembly, and body.

Thrunite TN4A flashlight

The Tests

Freeze Test – The first test I wanted to do was a freeze test.  The TN4A was turned to its firefly mode, put in a gallon milk jug that had its top cut out, barely covered in water, then put in the deep freezer.  The deep freezer is set to -12 degrees Fahrenheit.

Twenty and a half hours later the Thrunite TN4A was frozen in a solid block of ice and was working.

Why freeze the light?  I have seen electronics stop working in temps close to freezing, such as electronic deer feeders.  Electronics should work better as the temperatures drop, but some stop working.

TN4A flashlight frozen in a block of ice
TN4A flashlight frozen in a block of ice

To make sure the light would work at or near freezing temps, it was frozen in a block of ice in a deep freezer.

The freeze test also test the O-rings.  Will the expanding water be able to push past the O-rings?  With the Thrunite TN4A, the freezing water was not able to push past the O-rings.  The flashlight worked and everything was fine.

Drown Test – This test was not included in the video.  I formatted the cameras memory card before all the footage had been copied to my computer.

I took the TN4A, tied it to a piece of string.  Tied one end of the string to a tree stump and tossed the flashlight into a stream.  The TN4A was left in the stream overnight.  I think the total time underwater was somewhere around 18 hours.  the stream is only about 8 inches deep.

Thrunite TN4A flashlight

No water entered the flashlight and it worked exactly as it was supposed to.  All brightness settings, firefly and strobe all worked.

Hammer Test – As with all the other flashlights, I took a 2×4 and drove three 12 penny nails through it with the TN4A.  I do this in hopes something will break loose inside the flashlight.

After driving three nails through a 2×4, the Thrunite TN4A worked exactly like it was supposed to.

Drop Test – After the hammer test I took the flashlight over to a railroad crosstie, held the light a little below chest height and dropped the TN4A onto the crosstie.  A total of 4 drop test were done holding the flashlight at different angles.

The light was dropped:

Lens up – once.
Lens down – once.
Flashlight on its side – twice.

After the drop test the light worked exactly as it was supposed to.  All brightness settings worked, strobe worked and firefly mode worked.

Thrunite TN4A flashlight

Centrifugal Force Test – Since the hammer test and the drop test were unable to break anything loose inside the flashlight, lets see if centrifugal force could break something loose.

Two large cable ties were used to attach the flashlight to the PTO (power take off) shaft of a tractor. The PTO is what provides power to farm attachments, such as a brush hog, seed spreader, fertilizer spreader,,, etc. In this case a brush hog was attached the the tractor.

The tractor was drove to a field, the PTO was engaged and I started brush hogging. After maybe 15 minutes or so the PTO was disengaged and the tractor was drove back to the house. The cable ties were cut and the flashlight worked exactly as it was supposed to. All brightness settings, strobe and firefly modes all worked.

Carry Pouch

The Thrunite TN4A comes with a nice carry pouch that can be mounted to MOLLE webbing or carried on a leather belt. There is a fixed belt loop, an extra piece of material that is stitched on one end and with velcro on the other end, and then a loop at the top loops.

I took TN4A carry pouch and mounted it on a Maxpedition Vulture II.  The loop with the velcro fit the MOLLE webbing just right.  A small snap ring was used to attach the pouch ring to the next set of webbing above the carry pouch.

Thrunite TN4A mounted on a Maxpedition Vulture II
Thrunite TN4A mounted on a Maxpedition Vulture II

The Thrunite TN4A fit on the outside of the Maxpedition Vulture II perfectly. The velcro flap held the pouch to the pack, and the snap ring made sure the pouch would not fall off the pack. I am very happy with how that worked out.

The Beam

About 100 yards behind my house there is a large red oak tee.  I walked around half way between my house and the tree, then used the flashlight to look at the top of the tree.   The beam was perfect.  The 1050 lumens provided a perfect beam of light so I could see all over the field and into the tree tops.

I live in a rural area of southeast Texas.  It is not uncommon for the dogs to tree a opossum or catch a raccoon going into the chicken house at night.  For those nights when the dogs are barking and I need to look around, the TN4A is perfect.

Let’s just say I am very happy with the focus of the beam and the brightness.  Unlike a lot of flashlights there is no dark spot in the middle of the beam.


The Thrunite TN4A is a compact workhorse of a flashlight with a wide range of brightness settings.  I am very, very, very happy with it.

The “only” thing I could find that could possibly need improve is the lanyard hole.  The factory included lanyard feels rather “weak” and the hole for the lanyard is rather small.  I would like to see Thrunite enlarge the hole so that a piece of trot line string or 550 cord could fit through the lanyard hole.

Besides the lanyard hole, I really like this flashlight.

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