When Did Society Stop Respecting Police

What has caused society to lose respect for the police? With the innovation of smart phones, video recorders, youtube, liveleak, facebook,,,, etc, police activity can be videoed and shared worldwide in a matter of minutes.  The public can see what police have to deal with everyday.

Has the sharing of police activity on social media caused society become hostile to law enforcement?

I think so.

The police preform a job the general public do not understand.  Most of us do not see drug users daily, we do not see domestic violence victims daily, we do not deal with the  mentally ill daily.

Ever since the death of Michael Brown I have pondered why people get upset when police have to use force.  Last night I came across a video that got me to thinking even more about the police and society issue.

The following video is from the Hagerstown Police Department. This should of been a typical traffic accident, but things took a turn for the worse.

At the start of the video there is an older male gentlemen who was polite to the officers, did what he was asked, and apologized when he dropped something from his wallet on the ground.  The older gentlemen talks about how he had the green light at an intersection, the girl went through the intersection and ran into his car.  In other words, she probably ran a red light.  Bicycles have to follow the same traffic laws as motor vehicles, that includes stopping at red lights.

The officer approaches the young lady who was riding a bicycle, the first thing she does is walk away from the police officer and says “don’t touch me, don’t f**cking touch me”.  She then gets on her bike and what looks like tries to leave the scene of a traffic accident.  A police officer pulls her off the bike and tells her she is being detained.  At around 3:31 – 3:32 of the video it looks like the young lady strikes the chest of the police officer with her right hand.

4:53 into the video, the young lady starts screaming as she is resisting and being handcuffed.

8:30 into the video, the young lady refuses to walk to the police car and is being carried.  She starts kicking one of the officers.

12:00 into the video, the young lady refuses to move her foot so the door of the police cruiser can be closed and she is pepper sprayed.

When the police are called to a situation their orders have to be enforced.  The police can not issue an order, such as back away, sit down, you are being detained, and then back down from that order when someone refuses.  When someone refuses, the police must use whatever means necessary to enforce the order.

How Children Are Raised Today

15 year old girl curses, hits, screams, and kicks a police officer. Is this an example of how children are taught to act towards law enforcement?  Where is the respect?

What happened to “yes sir” and “no sir”?

What happened to answering police questions, and then going on your way?

If I acted like that when I was a child, my dad would have beat my ass with a belt.

As for the cursing, when did 15 year olds start cursing like that?  Nobody should curse in public anyway, much less curse at police officers.  The young lady had to learn that behavior from somewhere.  Is that how her parents and family members act?  Is that how her friends act?

Maybe schools should focus less on standardized testing and more on teaching manners and social skills?  If young adults are not learning acceptable social skills at home where are they supposed to learn them at?  Cursing, yelling, screaming and kicking a police officer are not an acceptable social skills.  It is not acceptable by any standard of society.  It is not acceptable anywhere in our society.

Children grow into adults.  How is one supposed to move up in society displaying contempt for authority?  If the young lady can not talk to a police officer with respect, how is she supposed to talk to a supervisor at a job, or conduct herself at a job interview, or to a college professor?

Police Deserve Respect

The police have a job to do.  Like it or not they are there to enforce the law.

How many of us would want to deal with criminals all day, everyday?  How many of us want to get yelled at, cursed, hit, kicked,,,, etc, especially from a 15 year old girl?  Chances are the police will get to know the young lady in the video very well in the coming years.  That may sound harsh, but what kind of life can she expect from displaying blatant contempt for authority?

The police deserve respect for the job they do and for their position in society.

In a republic form of government we elect people to represent us.  Those representatives pass laws for the good of the public.  What good are laws without someone to enforce them?  Like it or not law enforcement is a direct result of government.  We can not have an organized regulated society without law enforcement.

Society can not function without a government to pass laws, and then law enforcement to enforce the laws.  This is the way it has been since the dawn of modern society.  Governments can not exist without law enforcement; law enforcement can not exist without governments.  Both exist to serve each other.

Police Brutality

Does police police brutality happen?  Sure it does.  Our fallacies are what makes us human.

All police officers can not be judged due to the actions of a few.

There are bad mothers, does not make all mothers bad.

There are bad fathers, does not make all fathers bad.

There are bad jobs, does not make all jobs bad.

There are bad wives, bad kids, bad husbands, bad cars, bad trucks,,,,, does not make them all bad.  Society should not stereotype police that they are all bad.

Law enforcement have to make spur of the second decisions.  Sometimes these are life and death decisions.

When police feel their life and safety are at risk they can defend themselves.  How about we treat police with respect so they do not have to worry about their safety.  When the police are happy, everyone involved has a better chance of a happier outcome, usually that is.

Show law enforcement respect.  There is no need to escalate tensions with law enforcement.  Say yes sir, yes maam, no sir, no maam, and chance are dealing with the police will go well.