Democrat Policy: Tell a Lie Until People Believe It

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorWhen Hillary Clinton collapsed after leaving the September 11th memorial event, the media said:

She stumbled when taking a step.

Then it was her knees buckled.

Then it was she got too hot and collapsed from the heat.

Finally, it came out that Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia.

So which is it?

The thing with telling the truth, one does not have to change their story when the facts are disputed.

Luckily someone was able to film Hillary collapsing and being drug into a van.  When you look at a breakdown of the video it is clear Hillary collapsing is nothing out of the ordinary.  The security detail acts like this is an everyday event.  One of the security personal, a bald headed guy, moved into position several seconds before Hillary collapses, as if he knew what was going to happen.

News reported Hillary stumbled – sorry, the video does not show her stumbling.  Have to come up with something better.

Her knees buckled – sorry again, she collapsed and her feet were drug behind her as she was hauled into the van.

It was the heat, yea she got too hot – It was around 77 degrees with low humidity.   It was not hot.

Clinton campaign and major news outlets start scratching their head and finally come up with she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Three lies to start with and then what is “supposed” to be the truth?  Why would people believe the pneumonia story when we were just lied to three times in a row?  Why not be honest from the start?

Chances are the pneumonia story is also a lie.  Why wouldn’t it be a lie?  It is not like the Hillary campaign has a history of being honest.  Three lies in a row and then the truth?  Why should the people believe the pneumonia story after being lied to?

Health Deniers Starting To Ask Questions

Finally, after months of asking questions and being branded conservative conspiracy theories, lefties are starting to ask questions.   Why have Hillarys health issues been put off for so long?  Maybe because lefties were hoping for two liberal democrat presidents in a row?  It is not like CNN has a history of being honest with their news reporting.  Awhile back CNN was caught censoring a video.

Then there was the comment Hillary made about half of Donald Trump supporters are deplorables. Liberals are supposed to be tolerant people. So why is the democrat nominee for president calling voters deplorables? Maybe because liberal democrats are hypocrites?

Journalist for ultra left wing publications have to toe the line or they will be dealt with.

Sooner or later lefties will have to start asking serious questions about Hillarys health.  This is not a conspiracy theory as the left likes to brand conservatives who ask the tough questions.  Why don’t journalist do their job and report the news rather than being a mouthpiece for political candidates.

If the Clinton campaign lied to the public three, maybe 4 times in a single day, why aren’t the major media outlets screaming for blood?  Why is the public being lied to time and time again?  Why can’t the Hillary campaign and the major media be honest in their reporting?

Agenda VS Journalism

In asking why major media outlets are not being honest, we need to also ask if the media is pushing an agenda rather than reporting the news?  Journalism is supposed to be unbiased.  A reporter is supposed to report the news in a manner that allows the reader to make up their own mind.

I am not a journalist.  This blog is a mixture of things as I see them and my opinion.

A true journalist has an obligation to report the news without biased opinions.  When certain news outlets continue to defend Hillarys health, ask yourself if they are reporting the news or reporting their opinions.  After Hillary collapsed, major media outlets needs to start asking some serious questions.

How would it look if Hillary collapsed while meeting with Vladimir Putin? Or if Hillary collapsed while leaving Air Force One and rolled down the steps? The United States would be a laughing stock for electing such a weak person as our leader.

Any journalist who is not asking serious questions about Hillarys health is not being honest with themselves or their readers.  Her health issues can no longer be ignored or covered up.  The coughing fits that have been going on for months must be addressed.  The question is, if main stream journalist are not going to ask the questions and report the facts, who will?

The American people need honesty.  We need honesty from our candidates and we need honesty from journalist.  When both groups lie, the people lose.

Hillarys health should of been questioned months ago.  This should not have waited until she collapsed in public.  How many times has Hillary collapsed in private out of the public eye?  If you watch the video of Hillary collapsing, security acts like this is no big deal.  Hillary is not brought to a hospital.  Instead, she is brought to her daughters house.  Why her daughters house instead of a hospital?  Chances are the security team has been through this several times and knew what to do.

Why did the Secret Service act like Hillary collapsing was no big deal?

Why didn’t Hillary go to a hospital instead of her daughters house?

Real journalist need to start asking real questions.  They are ignoring the details of Hillarys health. Ask the Hillary campaign why they lied three times before the pneumonia story.  If they lied three times already, what makes us believe the pneumonia story is the truth?

Do Not Buy The Pneumonia Story

Personally, I do not believe the pneumonia story.  I feel it is a ploy to give the public and answer they will believe.

If someone ask a question, as long as they get an answer they believe they will accept that answer as fact.  The answer does not have to be the “right” or correct answer, as long as the person believes and accepts the answer, that is what is important.

The people have been given an answer they accept with the pneumonia story.

Hillary and Bill Clinton need to retire and spend the rest of the time they have left with their family.  Their time in the eye of the public is over, go enjoy life and relax.