Breakdown of Hillary Clinton Collapse Video

Major media outlets are reporting that Hillary Clinton “stumbled” on her way to the van. The video says otherwise.

Lets do a breakdown to the video:

0:02 – Hillary is leaning against a post. There is a bald headed guy to the left of the scene. Van pulls up, there is a lady under the left arm of Hillary Clinton. Important to note that Hillary is leaning against the post and is receiving aid from the lady under her arm.

0:05 – The bald headed guy moves toward the van.

0:09 – Hillary sways slightly to her right.

0:11 – Hillary takes a small step forward.

0:12 – Bald headed guy is now under Hillarys right arm.

0:15 – Guy enters scene from right to block view. Hillary has collapsed and is being drug to the van.

0:15 – 0:16 – Hillarys feet are dragging on the ground.

0:22 – Something metallic is hear hitting the ground.

0:24 – Lady on left moves to the rear of Hillary and black guy moves to under Hillarys arm.

0:24 – 0:25 – Hillary falls forward as her feet were dragging the ground.

0:37 – 38 – Close up of Hillarys foot dragging the ground.

Tell how someone who is being carried before she even gets to the crumb “stumbles”?

Major media is reporting Hillary had a heat related problem. An hour later she was seen in public. Someone who collapses from heat is not better in an hour. It takes awhile for your core body temperature to get back to normal. I personally have experienced fatigue for 24 hours after experiencing heat exhaustion.

Web MD says after someone experiences heat exhaustion they can be sensitive to heat for up to a week. Web MD also says for people who do not feel better in 15 after being removed from the heat to seek medical help.

Humidity of 60% or more reduces evaporation of sweat, which reducing the cooling effect provided by sweating.  Humidity reported by was 32%.

The major media is acting as a mouth piece for the Hillary campaign.  Where are the real journalist?

A little while later Hillary makes an appearance.

This is not someone who fainted from the heat and had to be dragged into the van by two men.