Democrats Adopting Republican Policies

It is nice to see Democrats adopting republican policies.  Maybe democrats are finally coming around to a reasonable way of thinking.

What is really nice, liberal Democrats are not saying a single thing about the shift in democrat policy.  Maybe, just maybe, the far left is getting some common sense about them.

What exactly have the Democrats changed their minds on?

Building walls and requiring IDs to vote.

Fences And More Fences

Not only did the Democratic National Convention have a fence around it, they also built a fence between the audience and the platform.

The two fences are symbolic of the three groups of people:

  • Outside the first wall – the illegal aliens.
  • Inside the first wall – the citizens and people who are in the United States legally.
  • On the platform behind two walls – the political elite.  These are the people who tell everyone else what to do, but are protected by security and two walls.

Even though Democrats denounce Republican policies to the media and to minorities, Democrats openly embrace Republican policies when put to the test.  Just as the DNC was not open to everyone, neither should our borders.

When given the chance to prove themselves that they are loving, caring, and truly believed in open borders, not only did Democrats build one fence, they built two fences.

This gives us two options, either Democrats are finally coming around and realizing that we need to take control of who enters the nation, or democrats are hypocrites.  But either way, why aren’t left wing liberals calling main line Democrats out?  Why aren’t liberals calling out the Democratic party for building fences and adopting republican policies?  Maybe, just maybe, left wing liberals are hypocrites?

Some of the cities with the largest homeless population are Democrat strongholds:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York, New York
  • Seattle, Washington
  • San Diego, California
  • Chicago, Illinois

*Source – 10 Cities With the Most Homeless People

Democrats and liberal Democrats are supposed to be loving, tolerant, who believe in equality, but yet Democrat strongholds are listed as homeless capitals.  Why is that?  Why haven’t left wing liberals called out the Democrats for Democrat controlled cities having so many homeless?  Liberals should be outraged, but yet nothing is said.

Voter ID laws

Wouldn’t you know it, not only did the DNC build two fences, they required an ID. It is so nice to see Democrats adopting Republican policies, this time by requiring an ID to vote.  Why did the DNC require an ID to vote, but yet they oppose voter ID laws.  Either Democrats are coming around, or maybe, just maybe, Democrats are hypocrites.  Why would they preach against voter ID laws, and then require an ID at the DNC?

Practice what you preach.

No fence or walls.  All liberal Democrats that oppose building a wall between the United States and Mexico should first make sure they do not have a fence around their house.  If you know a Democrat who has a fence around their house, call them out on it.  Maybe even offer to tear their fence down.  You vote Democrat, right?  The democrat party opposes walls, except at the DNC, so when are you going to tear that fence around your house down?

No voter ID law means just that, no ID.  While various civil rights groups are making a big deal out of nothing and fighting tooth and nail over securing our voting booths, at the Democratic National Convention Democrats required members to show an ID.  So which is it?  No ID for the working class and the poor, but require elected officials an the rich to have an ID?  What does that say?  That elected officials and the rich have access where everyday people do not?

Smoke in Mirrors

We all know why liberals do not call out mainline Democrats for adopting republican policies.  That is because Democrats and liberals do not believe what they preach.  Mainline Democrats and liberal Democrats pander to minorities in order to gain traction to push an agenda.

The poor and minorities are nothing more than a tool for the Democratic party.


Why are there no road maps for people to get off welfare?  If a single mom is receiving social benefits, chances are she can receive a college grant.

Why aren’t public housing units built next to colleges and trade schools?  If someone is receiving social benefits, require them to attend college or a trade school.

Why are families allowed to stay on social assistance for generations?

Why are there no education or training programs for prisoners?  They are locked away, then thrown on the streets.

The Socialist Democrat Agenda

There are some loving caring liberals who truly care about others, but for the most part the Democrat party is only interested in pushing an agenda.  That agenda is to make it “appear” that the party cares, get the poor hooked on social assistance, then milk them for all the votes the Democrats can get.

President Obama promised affordable higher education, where is it?

President Obama promised affordable health care, where is it?

Where are the jobs for everyday working people?  Those jobs were sent to China.  Why aren’t liberals calling to end free trade and bring our jobs back from overseas?  Take those young men who can not find a job and put them to work in a factory building smart phones, computers, tablets,,,, etc.  Put young people to work and then crime, homeless, drug and divorce rates will fall.

The poor and working poor do not need a handout, they need help getting up on their own two feet.  Democrats are not interested in people who want to become self-sufficient and get off social assistance.  Those are not the types of people Democrats can entrap with welfare programs.  Why would I need food stamps, healthcare, housing,,, when I provide all of that for myself.  Once Democrats have nothing to offer they lose their value as a political party.

The only thing Democrats offer is keeping people poor and on government assistance.  Democrat lies become truth to the desperate.