Thoughts on Trump and His Immigration Suggestions

When trump said he would block immigrants coming from nations with a history of terrorism, his words set off a crap storm that is still brewing.

Then there is the famous trump wall that he suggest be built between Mexico and the United States.

Why do people get so angry when someone says we need to secure our borders?

People Who Get Mad at Securing Our Borders

Do they lock the doors of their house? Do they even have doors on their house? Maybe they have just a glass door so people can look straight into their home?

Surely they do not have security systems on their homes.

Do they lock their windows? Surely they do not have security cameras.

If they took any measures to secure their home they would be a liberal hypocrite.

Do they teach their children not to talk to strangers?  Doing so stereotypes strangers.  This teaches children people they do not know  “might be” a kidnapper, child molester or even a murderer.  Surely liberal democrats who are loving, accepting and tolerant do not teach their children to stereotype.  Stereotyping go against everything liberals stand for.  So why teach children to stereotype?

Do they lock the doors of their car?  Surely people who are opposed to building a wall and securing our borders do not lock the doors for their cars.  When those liberal democrats are riding around the car doors are unlocked.  When the car is parked, let’s say at a shopping mall, the car doors are left unlocked.  Why would someone secure their car but are opposed to securing their borders?

Do those liberal democrats give their children vaccines?  Why would they protect their children but are opposed to protecting their borders?

Cook their food all the way through?  Surely they do not take a gamble on eating raw hamburger, but are willing to gamble on terrorist entering the United States.  E.Coli is only going to make that person or the family sick, a terrorist could kill dozens of people.  Why play it safe and cook your food but protest against securing our borders?

Why do liberals protest securing our borders, but do all this stuff to keep themselves and their family safe?  Do you know what that is called?  That is called a hypocrite. Someone who says one thing but does something else.

Different Rules for Everyone Else

One of the problems with liberal democrats they live by different rules they preach to everyone else.

The pope – We need to build bridges instead of wall.  Then he goes back to the Vatican that has a wall around it.

Mark Zuckerberg – Wants more immigration, but then builds a wall around his home in Hawaii. Why? Why does Mark want more immigration but then builds a wall to protect his property.

Hillary Clinton – Wants to allow more immigrants from Syria, but has a wall around her house. While running for president she has the Secret Service to protect her. Why does she have security, but she does not want to secure our borders?

Rosie O’Donnell – Home in South Nyack has a fence and gate.

Whoopi Goldberg – sold a house she owned that has a fence in front of it. Shouldn’t Whoopi tear down that fence?

Democrats built a fence at the DNC Convention Center.

Why don’t democrats practice what they preach?  Tear down those walls. Democrats would not want to be a hypocrite now would they? Unless, at their hearts they are hypocrites?

Security is Important

Most people can agree that security is important.  So, why the anger towards Donald Trump for wanting to secure our borders?  Simply because he dared say something that was not politically correct.

Responsible people make sure their home, car and children are safe and secure.  Doesn’t our nation deserve the same level of respect?

As the democrats say on gun control, if we can save one life then we should do it.  If we can save one life from a terrorist attack, then we should secure our borders.

Just as we do not open the doors of our home to strangers, neither should we open the doors of our nation to people who have not had a background check.

Just as we do not want sick people in our home, we do not want our children getting sick, shy do we allow sick people into our nation?

Treat the nation as it were your home.  Love it, protect it, and protect those inside it.