Liberal Hypocrisy During the 2016 Election

Something nice about liberal democrats it is easy to spot their hypocrisy. All those rich liberals say to build bridges rather than walls, then they go back to their home that has a wall around it. Why does Hillary have a wall around her house?

Democrats oppose voter ID, but required ids at the Democratic National Convention.

Democrats oppose a wall between Mexico and the USA, but Democrats built a wall around the DNC. Then there was a wall between the speakers and the crowd.

More gun control, but rich liberals have armed body guards. Hillary has private bodyguards; while she is running for president she has the secret service.

If liberal democrats “really” believed what they preach, then let them practice what they preach. Hillary Clinton says one thing then does something else, as most liberals do. If hillary “really” believed what she preached, then no armed guards, no ids required at the DNC, no wall around her house, no walls at the DNC,,,, etc. If she is elected president she will tear down the wall around the white house?

When asked about the stance on rape and the accusations against Bill Clinton, certain quotes were removed from Hillarys website.  If she “truly” believed what she said about rape victims, why did she change her stance when asked about her husband Bill Clinton?

No walls, but Hillary has a wall around her house. How about she tear down her wall first, then she throw rocks at trump.

Tell me where Jesus said to kill the non-believers. Tell me where Jesus said to kill anyone who insults him. How about killing people who draw an image of Jesus?  If a magazine publishes a picture of the Prophet Muhammad, they do so at their own risk. Remember the Charlie Hebdo Shooting where 12 people were killed?

In present day, how many Christians do suicide bombings? How about throwing gays off cliffs? How about hanging gays, like in Iran?

The immigration plan obama and hillary offer are not feasible.  Look at France and Germany. How well is open borders for Muslims working there?  When terrorism rears its ugly head, liberals will deny it.

Islam can not even live in peace with itself, but somehow, someway, islam is supposed to magically be at peace in the USA and in Europe? There was a bombing at a wedding in Turkey. A damn wedding and people are blown up.

Hillary and obama want to import that kind of violence into the USA, and why? All in the name of tolerance? Understand people willing to blow themselves up do not care about your “tolerance.”

Mathew 25:40, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

We as a society need to take care of those who can not take care of themselves. I do not understand where you liberal fruitcakes get conservatives want to do away with stuff like social security and welfare.

On the flip side of the coin, the most liberal cities also have some of the highest homeless rates in the nation. Stop with the hypocrisy.


Islam is not compatible with west civilization.

Nobody can support gay rights, womens rights, equality,,,, and at the same time support islam.  The two do not mix.

The obama and clinton immigration policy for allowing hundreds of thousands of mulsims into the nation is not feasible.

When it comes to equality, do you think conservatives are bad?  What do you say about a religion who hangs gays?   How about women lashed for driving?  Death for insulting islam.

Libtards want to take those ideas and import them into the USA?  Why?  What the hell are yall thinking?