Thoughts on The 2016 Elections

Elections are pretty hot and heavy.  The end result is each side digging in and slinging mud at each other.  This has been the status quo every since the first elections were held thousands of years ago.  What stands out in this election is how the press is ignoring the DNC leaked emails.  The whole rigging of the DNC primary so Hillary Clinton would win has been brushed under the rug.

Where is the outrage at the DNC for plotting against Bernie?  The DNC has undermined the entire Republic form of government.  The people are not getting a fair and equal choice that should be expected from a republic form of government.

Are Hillary and Trump The Best We Have To Offer

At the root of the 2016 elections is the question, are Hillary and Trump the best we can do?  Are these two individuals the best our nation has to offer?

Ever since Nixon took office our wonderful nation has been in a downhill spiral.  Have you ever asked yourself why Nixon opened relations with China?  Have you ever asked yourself why shortly after Nixon visited China toy companies started having their products made there?

Have you asked yourself why Ronald Reagan gave tax breaks to the rich? Robert Reich in his documentary “Inequality for All” explains in great detail how tax breaks for the rich have contributed to income inequality.

George Bush Sr. and his war to protect Kuwait and oil comapny profits.

Bill Clinton who voted to allow China to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) and who signed the General Agreement on Tariffs and trade (GATT) and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

George W. Bush who invaded Iraq for no reason, overthrew Saddam Hussein (who was later executed). Then, there are the human rights issues of people held in Guantanamo Bay with no access to due process of law.

President Barack Hussein Obama has done nothing to alter course of the previous 44 years. More free trade agreements, Guantanamo Bay still open, the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, the rise of the Islamic State, greater income inequality, reduced home ownership, few people in the workforce,,, etc.

Do we “really” expect things to change with Hillary and Donald? Nixon started this great nation on the path of economic destruction. No president since Nixon has put forth any effort to reverse course.

The people are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer, and the voters fight between themselves. According to Vice, 80 people now control 50% of the world’s wealth. Think about that for a few minutes, 80 people have 50% of the wealth. And yet we bicker as to “how” the next president is going to change things?

Nothing Will Change

The next president, whether it is Hillary, Donald or someone else is not going to do anything to bring the jobs back, or make higher education free to all, or make health care a human right,,, or change anything else that burdens everyday working people.

A generation ago young men used to go to work in a steel mill, factory, machine / welding shop, and be able to earn enough money to support a family.  Young men used to be able to provide a home, a car, food vacations,,, everything a family needs.

Todays young men are working in Best Buy, fast food places, Game Stop,,,, etc and earning barely over minimum wage.

Over the past 40+ years democrats and republicans have been in power and things have not changed.  Factories are still going to foreign nations, the middle class is in a downward spiral, rich are getting richer, and people are still voting the two party system.

Do you “really” think Hillary and Donald are going to change “anything”?  If you do, you are sadly mistaken.  If Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama have not reserved course, what makes you think things are going to change with the election of 2016?

Two Party System Has To Go

One of the problems with every election are people who vote single party rather than voting the issues.  A “yellow dog democrat” is someone who would vote democrat even if a yellow dog was on the ballot.  This is true with republicans as well.

We need to vote the issues rather than the parties.  The two party system is a failure.  No single party should be allowed to hold more than 50% of any house of congress.  Dividing congress into quarters or even fifths would force political parties to work together.  Rather than one party ramrodding legislation down the throats of the public, parties would be forced to work together.  We need more than two political parties in power.  The only way to do that is to vote third party.  Listen to what people like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have to say.  Vote your conscience.  Which person makes the most sense to you?  Listen to them, regardless of party.

The only path to real change is to remove the two party system from power.

The only way to remove the two party system is to vote for someone besides the two major parties.

The only way to change the two party system is to change the way you think and vote.

Vote For Real Change

To change the way you think about the major political parties is to ignore the major media outlets.  If you listen to the major media outlets there are only two political parties.  Anything besides the two parties is a waste vote.

The truth is, voting for anything besides the two major parties is a vote for real change.  Every vote for the Libertarian, Green, Constitution, or even the Socialist party is a vote against the establishment.  At least by voting for the Socialist party you know what you are voting for.

Regardless of what you have been taught, Socialism is good.  How do you think humanity made it through the last ice age?  How did we make it through the past hundred thousand years?  Capitalism is a dog eat dog world.  Do you think our ancestors survived through Capitalism?  Or did they share the spoils of the harvest and hunt?  There was once a time when people looked out for their neighbors, which is a form of Socialism.  We all have to share the riches and look our for each other.

The only path to real change is to shun Capitalism and the two party system.  We have to forget everything we have been taught in school and start fresh.  There are more than two parties.  There is more to society than the dog eat dog world of Capitalism.  We can share the harvest just as our ancestors did for tens of thousands of years.