Tacticool Has No Place in Prepping

While visiting various AR-15 forums and other firearms forums, I see a common trend that only the best is good enough.  Only the best AR-15 is good enough, everything else is junk.  Only the very best magazines are good enough, everything else is junk.  Only the very best ammunition is good enough, everything else is junk.  Only the very best optic is good enough, everything else is junk.

When prepping for a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI event, do you apply that same philosophy to all aspects of your preps?

Do you have the best tiller? Do you research the parts used to make that tiller, the manufacturing process, the heat treating, the hardness of various metals, what about stress test on parts used to make the tiller?

Do you have the best garden rake or hoe? Do you research the metals and the manufacturing process used to make your garden tools?

Do you have the best axe money can buy? Do you research the metals, hardness, manufacturing process of your wood cutting tools?

Do you have the best chickens? Do you research the breeding process of the hatcheries? What about the genetics of the chickens? If you want an exact chemical analysis of your AR-15 parts,l do you demand a DNA test on your chickens?

If you demand the very best of the best of the best for your tacticool firearm, what about your other preps?

Shouldn’t feeding your family be as important as protecting them?

Tacticool has no place in prepping.

Lets face the facts:

  • Gardening is not manly.  Who brings a squash or tomatoes to a shooting range and shows them off?
  • Gardening and chickens take work.  Who wants to actually “work” on something when you can order the parts and build a cool looking rifle?  It takes only a few minutes to order a rifle part, and a few minutes to put the part on.  Gardening can take months.  Who has the time to take months so they can brag to their buddies and in forums about their cool looking man toys?
  • Why put so much money into one section of your preps?  Firearms are not cheap, but they are cool looking.  For the price of a single aimpoint optic you can have a nice chicken yard.  Is that optic going to feed your family on a daily basis?  Good chicken breeds will lay eggs almost daily.  Will that aimpoint optic provide your family with the food like a chicken?
  • A case of ammunition could buy almost a lifetime of seeds.
  • Current price for 500 rounds of Silver bear 223 Remington is $150.  That would buy a small chicken house that could support 6 chickens.
  • Growing fruit trees requires dedication.  Growing fruit trees takes care, understanding, attention, love,,, everything needed to grow something.  You do not simply buy a fig tree, put it in the gun safe and leave it there until you decide to show it off.
  • Gardening means going outside, getting sweaty and dirty.  As terrible as it seems, going outside and doing something might be good for you.
  • People can not eat magazines and ammunition.
  • Ammunition is not a renewable resource.  Even with reloading ammunition is not renewable it always needs resources.
  • Heirloom / open pollinated plants are self-renewing as the seeds can be saved.
  • Backyard gardening is easy.
  • The whole family can be involved in gardening.
  • Does not take a lot of money to start a garden.
  • Gardening means getting close to nature.
  • Hand tools means peace and quiet, versus the noise of gunfire.
  • Gardening does not depend on availability of parts and ammunition.
  • Rarely is gardening affected by panic buying.
  • Rarely is gardening affected by politics.
  • Gardening has been practiced for over ten thousand years.
  • Raising livestock has been practiced for over ten thousand years.

In the overall grand scheme of things, why not have a balanced survival plan? Why not put as much attention into all of your preps as you do the tacticool stuff?