Random Thoughts January 14 2016

Time for some random thoughts on life from a bored survivalist.

Lets start with happiness. What is happiness? Happiness is defined as a “mental or emotional state of well-being.” Whos responsibility is it for you to be happy? Is it your spouses responsibility for you to be happy? Is it your employers responsibility for you to be happy?

Your happiness is your responsibility.

Outside stimuli can affect your happiness. However, the key to happiness is controlling your thoughts; change your thoughts and you change your reality.

The most important issue with being happy is thinking happy thoughts. So what if bad things happen. We do not have to dwell on those bad memories. Life is full of bad things. We lose a job, lose a loved one, get our feelings hurt,,, but that is life.


Sets in when we do not counter the bad things in life. For every bad thing that happens let’s bring something good into our lives.

As I write this post my dog Zoey is laying on my bed. I picked Zoey and Ellis up off the side of the road a couple of years ago. Some piece of trash dropped them off as puppies. they were living in a hollow log next to the road going to my house. Everyday they would stand outside their log and watch as people drove by. If dogs are capable of higher thought, did they ever ask themselves if one of the people who drove by would give them a good home? Were they thinking “will someone please pick my brother and me up?”

I find happiness in taking care of others. Zoey is sound asleep and snoring. Life here at my house sure beats living in a log on the side of the road.

Music, every culture in recorded history has developed some kind of music. Music is a doorway to the soul and a window to our humanity.

Art in the form of music.  Or rather art in a female form.  The women in the video are absolutely stunning.

2015 Was A Terrible Year

My beloved Kristy decided she did not want to be married, walked out and filed for divorce. In a conversation with her “friend” and a buddy of mine, she said her mind was made up that she was leaving. Then she asked him if he was ready for their future together. What kind of “buddy” makes plans with your spouse?

Kristy broke my heart, but I met someone who I can talk to for hours about history, theories, music,,,, just about anything. It is very nice dating an educated woman who can talk about ideas.

If I could go back and tell my younger self something, it would be to NEVER date a high school dropout. If she is not willing to finish high school, chances are she is not going to stay in a relationship.

Samantha, my new girlfriend, told me she wants to go hiking, wants to go camping and get her concealed carry permit. She even bought herself a handgun at the GRB gunshow in Houston Texas.

I deserve to be happy.   I deserve to be with someone who lives for the good times and does not dwell on the bad times. Live is full of bad stuff. Some people make a choice to think of only the bad rather than the good. We should look for a value the good in people rather than the mistakes we make. Life is full of mistakes and poor choices. If we dwell on those we will be pulled into a miserable life full of depression, heartache and sorrow.

Prepping Plans 2016

Plant some more fig trees. A couple of my young fig trees died during the 2015 dry summer.

Plant some pear trees.

Get some Buff Orpington chickens. Kristy took hers when she left.

Spend time in nature. My heart longs for the peace nature provides away from humanity.

Move on with my life after Kristy.

Get a concealed carry permit.

Buy a good concealed carry handgun. I have always wanted a Sig Sauer. Not one made in the USA either, but a good German made Sig in 9mm or 45 acp. Or, maybe I will just carry my Remington 1911 R1?

Build another AR-15.

Stockpile more 223 Remington / 5.56mm.

Start on a pole barn and fencing in a field for goats or cattle.

Old Farm House

There is an old house that was built in the early 1900s on the property. Nobody has lived in the house since the early 1980s. I am thinking about rebuilding the house to live in. Why not? A mix of old and new in one house.

First step is to clear out around the house. A lot of brush and trees have grown up around the house making it almost inaccessible.

Second step is to level the foundation. The house is built on pier and beams. I will have to get under the house, use a jack to jack up the beams, then put cement blocks under the beams with shims.

The goal is to have a 3 bedroom two bath house with open floor design for the living room and kitchen.

2016 Election

I suspect this will be a replay of the 1912 election where Theodore Roosevelt split the Republican vote allowing Democrat Woodrow Wilson to become president.

What I predict, Trump and Cruz will split the Republican electoral college, with neither one willing enough votes to become president. How will they both get votes from the electoral college? One will run on as an independent. If either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump loses the Republican primary and runs as an independent, Hillary will become president.

Hillary will be elected simply because she is a woman. We had a black president, it is time to have a woman president.

Are you ready for at least 12 years of rule by the Democrat party?

After Obama

Obama got the trade sanctions on Iran lifted, which allowed Iran to sell oil. What happened after Iran started selling oil? Prices fell like a rock. What happened when oil prices crashed? Thousands, maybe even tens of thousands lost their jobs.

Iran is marching forward with its nuclear program.

North Korea is developing long range missiles and recently detonated some kind of nuclear device.

China is expanding its territory in the South China Sea with artificial islands.

Our economy is in the crapper.

Tens of thousands of refugees are being welcomed by the Obama administration.

Europe is being flooded by refugees from the middle east.