Trespassers at the Bug Out Location

A few days ago I was walking along the creek that is the property line between my land and the timber company land, when I saw foot prints from a trespasser. Not only does the timber company grow timber on their land, they also lease the land out to hunters. It is not unusual to see an influx of urban dwellers into rural areas starting a couple of months before hunting season. Most of the people who lease property in rural areas are good people. They just want to get out of the city, do some hunting, get a deer or hog and pass the tradition of hunting to the next generation.

With hunters there is an unspoken code of respect. You do not touch my trail cameras, stands and feeders and I do not touch yours.

Then there are the people who do not care about respect. They will knock your feeders and stands over and steal the trail cameras. These are the vandals and thieves that screw up life for everyone else. For people who visit their lease only a few times a year the vandals are not that big of an issue. All that gets screwed up is a few items such as the deer blind and feeders. For those of us who live in rural areas next to hunting leasing, the vandals can screw with us year round.

What concerns me about trespassers scouting the property line is they may hear my chickens, see my crops, see fruit trees, see a shed and wonder whats in it,,, etc.

Let’s say some kind of long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation happens. Food starts to run short. I would would not put it past anyone to help themselves to some eggs, maybe take a chicken, figs, peaches,,, take whatever they can.

Even though I live in a rural area with just a few neighbors, I have to accept the reality there may be people out there who know the layout of my farm and I have no idea who they are.  A few years ago a shed on the property was broke into. Some hand tools and a stihl chainsaw was stolen.  Even in a rural area your gear is not safe.

I live here, but I provide a bug out location for friends and family members. Providing a safe harbor for those friends and family members is an important part of my overall long term SHTF survival plans. Every egg taken from my chicken house is an egg taken from my family.

Cut to the Chase

I thought about putting some no trespassing signs out saying to call my cell phone number if the hunters need access to the land.  Maybe we could meet, take a tour of the property and talk about safe directions they can shoot.  This would give me an idea of who they are, how many are in their group and their resources.  Are these local people or from out of town?  How far are they driving to hunt on the land?  If the roads were shut down would they have the resources needed to walk from their home to the land?

The idea is to make friends before there is a need for conflict.

Trail Cameras

I thought about putting some trail cameras out along the creek.  This would give me an idea of the wildlife and pictures of the people.

The drawback of trail cameras, dishonest people will steal them.  I think there are some cable locks, or some kind of cable that will keep the camera secured to the tree.  But always the old saying, locks keep honest men honest.  If someone really wants to steal something, they will find a way.

Trespassers Footprints in the Sand

What I could tell from the footprints, there were two people.  One has a foot print larger than my size 9.  the other has a footprint about the same size as my size 9.

Footprints in the sand at the bug out location.
Footprints in the sand at the bug out location.

The larger person was wearing boots that had a deep tread on it. Something like a hiking boot, or a boot or walking over rough terrain.

The smaller person wore a smoother boot that did not leave any tread marks in the sand. I suspect this was some kind of cowboy boot that is popular in the area.