2014 Midterm Elections

2014 midterm elections are over, Democrats lost, Republicans won.

What amazes me is the total deflection by the Democrats.  As far as some of the Democrats are concerned, they lost because of some made up reason.  According to an article on HotAir, Obama blames his own party for their losses.  According to the article Democrats were fighting an uphill battle to start with.

Yes democrats were fighting an uphill battle, because of all the lying obama has done.  Where the help for college students?  Where is our health care that cost as much as a cell phone bill?  Where are the jobs?  Where is all the stuff we were promised?  They were lies, all lies.

The leader of the Democratic party is not even willing to take partial responsibility for the election results.  Maybe, just maybe, people walking out on obama should have tipped him off on how the election was going to end up.

Your own party members and your voters do not want to associate with you.  Then you blame your own party for losing the election?  Wow, just wow.

Obama Cost Democrats the 2014 Midterm Elections

Allowing the federal reserve to print $85 billion a month out of thin air for 6 years.
Allowing a service member to rot in a Mexico prison.
Post-Benghazi – blaming the attacks on a video.
Domestic spying.
Fast and Furious and the lack of transparency.
Individual mandate or the ACA.
Killing US citizens without trial or jury.
Lack of transparency.
Lowering trade sanctions on Iran.
No foreign policy to speak of.
Not working with congress to close tax loopholes.
Not working with congress on anything.
Not enforcing drug laws.
Not enforcing immigration laws.
Not enforcing federal gun laws.
Not bringing wall street criminals to justice.
Not sending an official envoy to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.
Not rescuing US citizens before they were beheaded.
Not reacting to ISIS in a timely manner.
Not ending free trade.
Signing the NDAA.
Stressing tensions with Israel.
Stressing tensions with Russia.
Raising the debt limit.

If you are a crybaby liberal you might be mad about

Immigration reform – Why hasn’t obama granted amnesty yet? For one thing, do not come into a nation and break our laws. We have immigration laws on the books, follow them.

Do not walk into your neighbors house and demand to become a family member. Get the hell out of my house and off my lawn.  If you want a handout and a job, go to China.  They will put you to work building smart phones for $1 a day.

Gun control – If obama could not get control gun laws passed after Sandy Hook, you might as well forget about it. If you want to prevent gun crime, keep criminals off the streets.

You can not turn prison into a revolving door and expect gun crime to go down.  Nope, not going to happen.  We need to enforce 3 strikes and your out laws for violent offenders.  If someone has 3 violent crime convictions within a certain amount of time, that person needs to be removed from society forever.

Russia and the Middle East

Gave military weapons to Egypt. Now that the government was overthrown, where is our military tech?
Syria is a craphole.
Iraq is being overwhelmed by isis.
Iran is furthering its nuclear program.
Libya is a hell hole after Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown.
Winter is here so Europe has no option but to butter up to Putin.
Europe has no option but to buy Russian gas.
China is buying Russian oil.
Chances are Russia is going to come out of the 2014 – 2015 winter a lot richer.

And then someone in the obama administration makes chickshit comments about netanyahu? Holy crap, really?

By the time the 2016 elections arrive Russia will have made a ton of money through gas and oil sales.  The newly elected 2016 president will have to deal with a Russia that is financially stable and flush with money.

I feel sorry for whoever follows the obama legacy.

Russia flush with money.
Russian and Chinese relations will be greatly improved.
BRICS will challenge the dollar.
Nuclear Iran.
Trade sanctions greatly reduced on Iran.
Stressed relations with Israel.

obama is going to leave the next president with a nightmare situation. The first couple of years will probably be spent repairing the damage obama has done.