What’s It Like To Be Past Middle Age

At 46 years old I consider myself a little past middle age.  That is unless I live to be at least 92 years old.  So who knows, I might not even be at middle age yet.

Even at such a young age I look back and realize how much water has gone under the bridge.  I wonder how I will feel when I am in my 60s or even 70s, that is if I live that long.

I often wonder how my mom and dad feel about how much things have changed in their lifetime?  My dad did not get electricity and running water until he was somewhere around 6 years old.  What is it like going from kerosene lamps and an outhouse to computers and the internet?

The past 19 years, from 1995 – 2014, humanity has made leaps and bounds with technology.  We went from dial-up internet to smart phones in less than a generation.  I look forward to what scientist will develop in the next 20 years.

Even as technology makes the world smaller and we are able to keep up with friends and family members easier, age old problems still exist.  We still need jobs, we still worry about getting sick, we still worry about our kids, we still need to pay our bills, etc, the list goes on and on.

Maybe one day we can buy clones to work in our place?  Then the cry baby liberals will complain about the clones civil rights and how they should not be used as slaves.

1980s vs 1990s


I keep asking myself which was better, the 1980s or the 1990s?  The 1980s had Regan and the 1990s had Clinton.  But after the obama administration, I realize Bill Clinton was not such a bad president.

The difference between Clinton and Obama:

Clinton was like stepping in dog crap.

Obama is like that scene in Back to the Future where a truckload of manure was dumped on a guy.

Regan was not all he is hyped up to be.  He reduced the tax rate on the rich which led to the college tuition crunch we have today.  Then there are the tens of thousands of shipyard jobs lost under Regan.  Truth be told, Regan was a good talker but a terrible president, kinda like obama.


1980s had some awesome music.  There was more one hit wonders than I can remember.  Overall the 1980s was a great time for music.  It was like a transition time from the older rock and roll to techno.  Then there was the death of disco, which was good.

1990s seemed to phase out the techno and phase in a new style of rock.

It was like the 1980s was a time music evolution and counter culture.  The groups from the 70s grew less popular and faced challenges on how to deal with the younger generation.  Artist like Ozzy, Dio and Nugent kept their loyal following.  New groups like Metallica siphoned off some of the black metal fans.


I feel the technology revolution, internet, mutiplayer video games left a far more lasting impression that music did in the 1980s.  Music was great, but we are still riding the technology wave.

In the past 20 years we went from dialup internet to smartphones.  Why couldn’t we have internet when I was growing up?  Being able to take pictures in the 1980s was a luxury.  Today, taking a picture and posting it on the internet is no big deal.

For a long time I resisted getting a smart phone.  But when I finally did get one, I thought it was pretty awesome.

2014 drawing to a close

It seems like the older I get, the faster time passes by.  2014 was one heck of a year.  I had a lot of heartache with so many of my chickens dying, but I also go the new chicken yard and chicken house built.

Winter of 2014 is going to be spent building a deck on the back of the house.

Spring 2014 is going to be kicked off with fencing in around 7 – 9 acres for cattle, sheep and goats.  I plan on having just a few of each.  Just enough to have a full freezer of meat in 2016.

The cattle pasture is going to be a major project.  We are talking a couple thousand feet of field fence and a new pole barn.  The chicken yard I built in 2014 was a test run for the cattle pasture in 2015.  There were some things I liked about the chicken yard, and some things I did not like.  I am going to take the lessons learned from the chicken yard and chicken house and apply those lessons to the cattle pasture.

The new chicken house still needs some work, such as finishing the paint job, framing in the windows, finish the perch, build the laying boxes,,, etc.  Now that the days are growing shorter, I will finish the chicken house as I have time.

There is so much left to do, and it seems I never have enough time.


I think that is it for now.

Take care, GOD bless and keep the faith.