Illegal Immigration Nail in the Coffin for Obama

The flood of illegal immigrants will be the final nail in the coffin for obama. Even the most rabid obama supports are starting the see his true agenda.  Obama will go down as the worst president in history. Instead of bringing the nation together, he drove a steel wedge through the heart of America.

Everyday working people are being thrown to the wolves while illegals are flooding this nation and overwhelming resources.

You think the economy is bad now? Just wait until those illegals are granted work visas. Those thousands of illegals crossing the border everyday will start looking for work. It is just a matter of time before human rights groups call on the U.S. government to start granting work visas. We do not expect the tens of thousands of illegals to sign up on welfare do we? If they are here they can work and support themselves, right?

While obama has been in office:

  • Favored Muslim nations
  • Gave weapons to Egypt
  • Isolated Israel
  • Isolated Russia
  • Lowered trade sanctions on Iran
  • Protecting illegal immigrants
  • Done nothing to bring our jobs back from China
  • Pissed off China on a few occasions
  • Traded terrorist for a captured U.S. solider

This immigration issue will probably be the final nail in the coffin for obama supporters.

obama can ask congress for money for illegals, but not for people struggling with student loan debt and people who can not afford to go to college?

When obama was running for election didn’t he say something about about people who wanted to go to college should be able to? Where is their help?

What about people who are struggling with medical bills? Where is their help? But yet we can provide medical care to illegals?

Someone has to be screening all of those illegals for diseases, right? We are not just letting anyone into the nation who might be carrying a disease such as measles, mumps, whooping cough or TB,,, right?

I imagine there are homeless people out there would who love the same housing, food and medical care the illegals are getting.

Obama has asked congress for $4 billion to help with the flood of illegal immigrants. How many inner city youths could have gotten a free college education with that $4 billion?

Companies can not find enough software, mechanical, electrical, welding,,, engineers, but obama can ask congress for money to spend on illegal immigrants?

If we have billions to spend on helping illegals, then we have money to help at-risk inner city kids.

If my math is right, and it is usually wrong, $4 billion dollars divided by $100k for an engineering degree is enough to send 40,000 kids through college.

Feds wanted control of immigration

Awhile back Arizona was sued by the federal government for arresting illegal immigrants. Local law enforcement is supposed to call U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest illegals.

The federal government and the justice department developed a big head that they were the only ones who were supposed to be arresting and deporting illegals. The honest truth is, the feds do not have the manpower or resources to deal with the flood of illegals.

Now that the states can not deal with illegal immigrants, there is a flood. The states can not secure their own borders, can not do anything with those illegals as the states hands have been tied be the federal government. Now that the flood gates have ruptured, what is the federal government supposed to do? They helped create this mess, but are unable to deal with it. Which is typical liberal agenda. Create a big mess, then do not do anything about it.

Before this illegal immigration issue is over, obama will have liberal democrats voting republican.

The feds wanted control of illegal immigration, here is the flood, now deal with it.

Flood before amnesty

My honest opinion, all this talk of granting illegals amnesty contributed to a flood. They want to get into the nation so they can be granted amnesty like everyone else.

There are what, an estimated 20 million illegals in the United States? What is a few more million going to hurt?

There more talk there is about granting amnesty, the more reasons there are for people to flood the border. Get into the United States, stay here long enough to be granted amnesty, then sign up on welfare, food stamps, public housing, send kids to public school, look for a job, sign up for college grants,,,, get whatever they can.

What would you do if you were in their situation?  If I had the chance to better my family I would take the risk.  But then again, I am a law abiding citizen.  My morals and values prevent me from breaking the law.

Young adults

A good number of the illegals crossing into the US are 15, 16, 17 years old. What do young people do in their mid-teens?

Sex, sex and more sex
Looking for a job
Breaking and entering
Drinking and driving
Join a gang

Those are not racial issues. Most young people push the envelope in whatever way they can.

Where are the jobs for supposed to come from? Chances are a lot of them will end up on welfare, food stamps and public housing. We already have a record number of people on welfare, what is a few more million going to hurt?

This flood of illegal immigrants is obamas 9/11. Instead of only new york dealing with the dust and debris from the towers collapsing, the whole nation will feel the effect.

Liberal agenda

Part of the liberal agenda is designed to get people latched onto the governments tit.

Another part of the liberal agenda is to avoid resp0onsbility for your actions.

Democrats stood on their rock and yelled amnesty so load people in South America heard the news.  The United States is going to grant amnesty, lets get there before they do.  Not only do we have an estimated 20 million illegals already in the nation, there are thousands, tens of thousands more entering everyday.

Rather than dealing with the situation and stopping people from entering the nation, obama is asking for money.  The last number I heard was something around $5 billion obama needed from congress to deal with the flood of illegals.

If obama can ask for billions to help with illegal immigration:

What about billions to provide medical treatment to the poor?

What about billions to provide free college educations?

What about billions to create infrastructure projects such as highways?

Instead of empowering people to help themselves, liberal democrats create a sense of entitlement. Those illegals probably think they are entitled to come to the US, just like everyone has done since Regan granted amnesty.

We are looking at more than just an influx of illegal immigrants, we are seeing liberalism in action.  We are seeing tens of thousands of people enter the nation illegally everyday and who will be receiving government assistance from day one.

On top of receiving government assistance, the people who broke our laws coming here illegally will not be held responsible for their actions.  They will not be punished, they will not be sent to jail or prison.  They will receive special treatment better than what our own citizens are receiving.

If we can provide illegal immigrates with food, housing and medical care, then we can provide the same for our homeless population.

New demographic

We are seeing the creation of a new demographic within the United States.

A great number of illegals entering the United States are under the age of 18 years old, which means they are treated differently than adults.  Chances are these children will never be sent back to their home nation.  The only thing to do with these children is to connect them with family members already inside the United States.

Those children will be sent to their host families, will be given welfare, food stamps, maybe even a government check every month while attending school at tax payers expense.

We are looking at a new demographic raised with a sense of entitlement.

National security

While the TSA gropes pre-teen girls and boys, thousands of illegals walk across our border everyday.  Why is the TSA working the airports when they should be working the border?  It is not like those poor immigrants are carrying cameras or smart phones.  I would imagine TSA employees could grope all the kids they wanted without fear of being caught or filmed.

But then again, illegals probably have more rights than US citizens.  Why grope a child who is going to have his or her own attorney paid for by the government?  It is probably safer for the TSA employees to stay at the airports and continue groping defenseless US citizens.

All fun and jokes about the TSA aside, who is protecting our borders?  Who else is coming across that we do not know about?

If you want something to think about, a Texas rancher found a URDU to English book.  Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and is also spoken in Afghanistan and India.

Along with an URDU to English translation book, Qurans and prayer rugs have also been found.

I hope the TSA is down on the border checking passports of everyone who crosses into the border states.  Isn’t that the job of the TSA to keep us safe?  Surely while they are groping grandma the TSA will catch a terrorist?  Isn’t that why we let the TSA treat us like second class citizens is to keep us safe?

Here is an idea, take the TSA out of the airports, send them to the border states and have them serve a real purpose.

Then there are the drugs, gangs, weapons, diseases and everything else illegals are bringing with them.

Surely the states are ready for mumps, measles and whooping cough?  I would hope the recent whooping cough epidemic in California has nothing to do with tens of thousands of illegals crossing into the United States?

In California alone there have been over 800 cases reported in the first 2 weeks of July, and over 5,300 cases reported from January 2014 to July 2014.  800 cases of whooping cough in 2 weeks in California alone, that is no big deal, right?  Surely someone is checking those illegals for diseases before they are allowed to enter the nation?

Obama Worst President Ever

As much as I dislike Bill Clinton for signing the NAFTA and GATT trade treaties;

And much as I dislike FDR for detaining Japanese-Americans in camps during World War II and prohibiting the ownership of gold;

And as much as I dislike Nixon for starting up trade with China;

And as much as I dislike Regan for lowering taxes on the upper class, none of them can hold a candle to obama.

Obama has failed the nation, he has failed to bring about any meaningful change, and he has failed to live up to his promises.  We as a nation were deceived and lied to.

What really surprised me were the gullible voters who fell for his lies a second time.  Wasn’t the first time around enough?