Random Thoughts March 21 2014

This post started off about Russian President Putin and how much of a failed leader our own president is.  Then I got off on a tangent about free trade and jobs.  The end result was just some kind of random thought article.

While looking for news on the Crimea situation I came across an article on the Wall Street Journal – Warnings From the Ukraine Crisis.

I do not fully agree with the author, but I do agree with a lot of what she says.  One comment should ring a rang a wake up call for the United States,

We have been a nation divided for a long time. Whether the division was by race, sex, sexual preference, religion, political party,,, we have been and will continue to be a nation divided.

Since the late 1960s and 1970s we have become more divided with each passing decade. This division shows in the quality of our elected officials.

Quote from the Wall Street Journal article:

A great question for the future: Will Mr. Putin ever respect an American president again? He knows our political situation, knows we’re a 50-50 nation, would assume we’re blocked from consensus barring unusual circumstances such as a direct attack.

I suspect we are not even a 50/50 nation. Maybe more like 10/20/30/20/10/10 nation. We have become so divided we can not agree on anything. Special interest groups have formed voting blocks who vote for their own interest rather than then best interest of the nation.

Gay rights will vote their best interest.
Feminist will vote their best interest.
Minorities will vote their best interest.
The rich, poor, middle class, business owners, people on welfare,,,, will all vote for their own best interest.

This division opens the door for weak presidents. Social divisions will prevent true leadership from being elected. Rather than having a strong leader and the greatest common denominator, we will be left with the least common denominator.

As a result the nation as a whole will become weaker. We no longer vote leaders into office, we vote for talkers and community organizers.

When a situation like Crimea, North Korea or Iran comes up, the president is ill-equipped to deal with foreign relations. Syria and Crimea have proven obama is not a leader. He talked about hope and change and the sheep believed him.

Rather than voting for what we need, we vote for what we want. We need a strong leader, but the people want a community organizer who is a good talker. I seriously doubt we are going to find both.

Desperation leads to weakness

Desperate people take desperate actions. And right now people are desperate. They are desperate for not only jobs, but also for answers. Generation X is worried about social security being around in 20 – 30 years. we are worried about the national debt, we are worried about our kids and grandkids having jobs.

30 years ago we had a strong middle class, who voted for strong leaders. As people become desperate we are faced with electing the least common denominator rather than the greatest common denominator.

When was Regan elected? When the nation had a strong middle class and strong manufacturing base.

When did Hitler come into power? When the people were desperate.

When was obama elected? When the people were desperate for hope and change.

If you raise the people up, the quality of their elected officials will also go up.

If you take the people down, the quality of their elected officials will also go down.

The worst leaders in history rose to power or were elected when the people were desperate. Predators prey on weakness, and desperation leads to weakness.

The 2016 presidential election will not be about qualifications. The election will be about how desperate people have become.

Do you want a leader or do you want a talker

The 2012 election was a turning point in American history. Special interest groups played a deciding factor in re-electing a community organizer rather than a strong president.

The President of Syria. Where is he? Where is this red line obama talked about?

A leader will make the decisions that piss people off, but the decisions are for the greater good.

In the past 20 years, Ross Perot, and that is about it.

We have a serious leadership deficit in this nation. Nobody wants to make sacrifices for the greater good. People have the attitude as long as I have mine, screw you. But its not just screw bill, bob, may jane,,, its screw the whole nation.

I can not think of a president since LBJ that was able to get stuff done. Between Ike and LBJ we got the interstate high system built, a series of hydro electric dams, and the rural electric co-op built.

The federal government helped bring electricity to rural areas between the 1940s to the 1960s. But we can not get internet to those same areas now?

From say the 1970s to now our presidents have been rather shallow.

We need our jobs and money back

Our infrastructure is falling apart.

Our aging buried water and sewage lines pose a serious threat to public health.

We rank as one of the lowest 1st world nations for internet access, cost and speed.

During the summer months states from California to Texas have rolling blackouts because there is not enough power.

But yet companies like facebook have a negative tax rate?

We need a president who is going to say “facebook, apple, exxon, microsoft, it is time for you to pay your fair share in taxes. No more offshore tax havens, and no more moving factories to China, no more bailouts for wall street.”

Since Nixon restored talks with China the United States has been bleeding jobs to China. Every president starting with Nixon, maybe even LBJ and Vietnam has screwed working class families up the ass while serving wall street record profits on a silver platter.

We need those jobs back, we need those tax dollars back, but no president is willing to do anything about it.