China The New Face Of Global Domination

Kevin Felts political commentatorLets talk about history for a couple of minutes, then let’s move onto the heart of this article.  One of the main reasons Germany was defeated in WW II was the United States and Russia produced more tanks, planes, ships and guns than Germany. We had the resources where Germany did not.

World War II boiled down to numbers. Where Germany could only produce a certain amount of tanks, trucks, planes, and lacked raw materials such as oil and iron deposits, the United States and Russia had no such limitations.

For 35 – 40 years after World War II, or until the late 1970s and early 1980s the United States was the worlds production powerhouse. We made everything from toys to Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. The economy was strong, there was a thriving middle class who could afford to buy a home, buy a car or truck or both, have a family, times were good.

Then along came corporate greed and free trade. Wall street not satisfied with the profits they were making decided to move the factories to China, exploit low wage workers, then close the factories here in the states which as led to the death of the middle class.

Now wall street is reporting record profits year after year, but at the cost of a stable middle class and national security.

The tide has turned. Just as Germany was outproduced in World War II, so now the United States is facing the same situation. How are we supposed to fight a war when we have no factories? Detroit is a rust belt. Steel mills all around the nation have closed. The last lead smelting plant in the United States has closed. We barely have enough electricity to meet our needs. The middle class is disappearing. A record number of people are on welfare and food stamps.

From 2000 – 2012, the Chinese increased military spending from $22.2 billion to $166.2 billion.

In 2012 China produced 19.27 million vehicles. During that same year the United States only produced 10.3 million vehicles.

China produces 87% of the worlds personal computers.

China produces 75% of all mobile phones.

China is the worlds largest trading partner.

Those manufacturing jobs are a key factor to national security.

A lot of people do not know that maybe one farm equipment company still makes their tractors here in the USA. We can not even build the equipment to plant our of crops, so how are we supposed to fight a war with a major super power such as China?

If you want to cripple a nations ability to fight a war, you first take out its ability to produce car parts – wheel bearings, brake pads, axles, pistons, motor blocks, oil filters, fuel filters, air filters,,. Without just one of those parts we can not repair or produce vehicles to fight a war.

In the name of low cost labor companies have freely given those production facilities to China.

For the sake of discussion lets say china and the USA went to war. What do you think would happen to those factories? Do you think boeing, ford, GM, microsoft, apple, intel, ATT,,, is going to be getting anything from those factories?

Or is the chinese government going to seize those factories?

Thanks for the free factories, now we can use them to make parts for our missiles.

Wall Street has given China everything they need to outproduce the United States during a time of war. Whether it is a steel mill or a circuit board, China has the technology, capability and workforce to outproduce the United States.  We are simply no longer prepared for a major conflict.

We are heading towards a complete collapse of society as we know it.  Between the 1970s and the late 2000s, the United States has gone through a massive transformation.  We went from two working middle class parents being able to afford to buy a home and a car, to working class parents being on welfare and barely able to get by.

People born in the 1980s and 1990s will never know what it is like to work in a factory.  Or be able to finish high school, get a job and be able to buy a home.

As Bane told Batman in Dark Knight Rises, victory has defeated you. The United States has grown weak.

Which will break first, our spirit or our body?

I suspect the spirit of the average American will be easily broken. As long as most people can play on their phone, they do not care who is president or what form of government we have.  As long as they can go to work, go home, play on the internet, go to bed, repeat…. people will be happy.  The idea of patriotism and national pride have just about disappeared from the general public.

Limited nuclear war with China

China is doing three things that tells me they are preparing for a limited nuclear conflict:

1.  China is the only nation still producing nuclear weapons.  While Russia and the US have agreed to a dismantle part of their nuclear stockpile, China is increasing their nuclear capability.

2.  China is working on a supersonic missile delivery system that could be capable of defeating our defense systems.

3.  China has built numerous ghost cities.  These are fully functional cities that nobody lives in.  It has been speculated that China built these cities to keep their economy afloat.  I speculate the cities are evacuation areas where refugees can go.

The united States is not going to bomb a ghost city.  If a current city is disrupted and no longer liveable, just move the population to a ghost city and resume normal life.

China is planning for the long term.  Instead of setting up a tent city for refugees, just build a complete city with apartments, safe drinking water, movie theaters, working sewer, grocery stores,,, everything a population would need to resume normal life.