Parents of Daughters Likely to Vote Republican

There is an article on yahoo shine about why parents of daughters are more likely to vote Republican than to vote democrat.

While the article is “kind of” insightful, I think it misses the mark.  Rather than focusing on core Republican values, the article goes off into left field talking about sex.

Sex is a small part of the issue.  The larger issue at hand is this thing called “responsibility.”

The article states,

Parents of daughters, it seems, have an interest in reducing male promiscuity.

Personally, I think male promiscuity has little to do with the issue.  The larger issue here is taking responsibility for your actions.

Between promiscuity and taking responsibility for your actions, I feel taking responsibility reflects a larger percentage of the Republican party.  Family values, taking responsibility for the children you bring into the world, holding a job,,,, are all part of the Republican party stands for.

On the other hand, Democrats would rather hand out food stamps and public housing than make people take responsibility and get a job.

Daughter of Republican gets knocked up – Parents tell the daughter to go to college, get an education, ask that the father hold a job and help support the child.

For the most part public assistance is out of the question.  The family does everything it can to help the daughter and child.  Hopefully the parents will get married and provide a stable family structure for the child.

18 to 20 years later a well round, and loved young adult becomes a productive member of society.

Daughter of Democrat gets knocked up

Example 1 – Parents suggest daughter get an abortion.  If for some reason the daughter does not get an abortion, there is always adoption or the Baby Moses law where the child can be dropped off at a hospital, police department or hospital.  This frees the mother of any and all responsibility.

Let’s say a Democrats worst nightmare comes true, and the daughter has the child, then it is down to the welfare office to signup for whatever they can get.

Democrat daughter with mother in tow – I gots this here baby, and I needs some food stamps and free healthcare.

Welfare office worker – Is the father around?

Democrat daughter with mother in tow – No, he ran off and knocked another woman up.  He got 4 or 5 kids by 4 or 5 different women.  I told him not to get me pregnant.  And the bastard did it anyway.

Grandmother – The daddy is a useless piece of trash who will not hold a job.

Welfare office worker – Are you interested in some work training?

Democrat daughter with mother in tow – Hell no, I just want me some welfare.

18 to 20 years later the young adults has no idea what it is like to go to work everyday, has no family structure and sets out to breed as many welfare babies as  he can.

Example 2 – Mother has baby, at 3 or 4 years old the mother complains to the doctor about violent rage fits.  By the time the child starts school the child has been diagnosed with ADHD.

By the time the child enters high school the parents have convinced the doctor the child is bipolar and has ADHD.

When the child turns 16 years old the parents start the process of getting the child on Social Security Disability.

In other words, this is a career welfare family who knows how to work the system.

Main difference between democrats and Republicans:

Republican – I take responsibility for my actions.

Democrat – The government can take responsibility for my actions.