Ergo 4255 Vertical Grip Review

The Ergo 4255 is an affordable vertical forearm pistol grip solution for just about anything with a picatinny rail. For this review the test platform was a Palmetto State Armory M4 carbine with pink Magpul and Egro furniture.

There is an old saying, Keep It Simple Stupid, otherwise known as KISS. The Ergo 4255 does just that, it keeps the forearm vertical grip simple.

The Ergo 4255 does not include a built-in light or laser, which makes it an excellent choice for someone who wants just a vertical forearm AR-15 grip.

Excluding a light and laser does two things – it keeps the grip in an affordable price range, and reduces the weight.

Keeping It Simple

Some shooters just want to pick up the rifle and shoot. Lights, lasers, switches and wires are just more stuff to worry about.

On a personal note, my wife was not exposed to firearms as a child. As a result she was always leery about shooting. When I built my wife her pink M4 it needed to be as simple as possible. The more “stuff” she had to be worried about, chances are the less likely she would be to shoot her rifle.

When my wife first shot her pink M4, she was instructed to hold the forward grip with the left hand, rear pistol grip in the right hand, put the red dot on the target and squeeze the trigger. Things went better than expected.

The Ergo 4255 does not require tools to put on / take off the firearm. Attachment is through a tension lever located on one side of the grip.  On the opposite side of the grip from the lever is a knob to adjust tension.


With a retail price ranging from $50 – $65 the Ergo 4255 may not be attractive to price conscience buyers. But sometimes you get what you pay for. When it comes to protecting your family, do we really want to buy the cheapest product on the market?

In other words, whether it’s the sound of breaking glass at 1 am, or civil unrest (think 1992 Los Angeles riots), do you want to question the quality of parts on your AR-15?


Overall length: 5 inches
Grip length: 3 5/8 inches
Grip diameter: about 1 – 1 3/16 inches. The grip tapers slightly from bottom to top.
Storage compartment: Yes, compartment will fit two 123A batteries
Weight (empty): 4.1 ounces
Weight (with two 123A batteries): 5.3 ounces
Quick disconnect: Yes
Colors: Black, Dark Earth, OD Green


Easy on / easy off. The attachment lever makes taking the grip off or putting it in a snap.
Fine adjustment knob makes adjusting the tension a breeze.
Storage compartment that fits 123A batteries.
Foam plug in the storage compartment prevents the batteries from rattling.
Made in U.S.A.


Is not available in pink for female shooters.


Both my wife and I liked how her M4 handled with the Ergo 4255. Yes I shot a pink M4, but it was only so I could do a review 4255.

I asked my wife to try the Magpul angled forearm grip and the Ergo 4255 side-by-side. There was no real comparison as she instantly told me she preferred the vertical grip over the angled grip.