My New Adversary The Chicken Snake

My new adversary and I came face-to-face this morning, and it was not a pretty sight.

On the morning of May 27, 2013 I went out to check on the chickens and rabbits. Before the chickens were let out of the coop I walked to the end of the run to make sure it was closed. Took a couple of steps over to the rabbit hutch, looked up, and within arms length on top of the hutch was a chicken snake looking straight at me. The rabbit hutch is 8 feet long, the snake was almost the length of the hutch.

The first thing I did was take a couple of steps backwards, reminded myself that cotton mouths do not climb, then went into the house to get a camera. What good is a story without pictures.

My wife grabbed her camera and started taking pictures.

The snake seemed to be looking for a way to get into the rabbit hutch. The rabbits seem a little big for the snake to eat, but you never know.

Before I could get a rake to get the snake off the hutch, it had retreated to the safety of some brush.

If being face-to-face with a chicken snake was not bad enough, I found a second snake just a few minutes later.

My wife and I planned on going out on the Angelina River on Memorial day. I walked out to the boat to take the tarp off. The tarp that had been on the lawnmower had blown off and was laying next to the boat on the ground. the tarp that had been on the lawn

I grabbed the lawnmower tarp, picked it up to throw it out of the way, and ANOTHER snake falls out of the tarp.

After seeing the second snake I almost lost my religion and started cursing.  My first thoughts were should I get the Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590, Ruger 10/22 or just go all out and get the AK-47?  Rather than using a firearm I decided this needed a more up close and personal approach.

I got the rake I had tried to get the first snake with, pinned the second snakes head down to the ground, and then grabbed it just below the head.

After the snake was firmly in my grip I opened the back door of the house and asked my wife to get a knife.  The head of the snake was placed under my shoe, and the head swiftly removed.

In all honesty, I feel bad for the second snake.  It was in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Some of you may be saying “its “just” a chicken snake.”  Well, yea, but I do not give my eggs away for free.  If a chicken snake wants some of my eggs, I take cash and cash only.  No free rides, especially for snakes.

A couple of weeks ago we had a crawfish boil for my daughters 17th birthday.  There is no place for snakes in my yard, especially when it comes to my kids and my grandkids. If the second snake had been up in the oak tree then nothing would have ever happened.  A snake on the ground is not acceptable.

I suspect after my wife and I get moved to the farm chicken snakes and other predators are going to be a common problem.