2013 NRA Show Houston Texas

Man oh man, what a weekend.  My wife and I left Jasper Texas around 6 am Friday morning, got breakfast at Jack in the box in Woodville Texas, and arrived at the NRA show at the 9 am.  Traffic was not that bad.  Thank goodness there were no wrecks on HWY 59.

We found a parking lot directly in front of Minute Maid park, which is across from the George R Brown convention center.  Holy crap was parking expensive, we had to pay $30, but the location was perfect.

My wife and I entered the show, obtained our media badges, then started walking around.

This was my wifes first real gun show.  She never showed any interest in gun shows, that was until I built her a pink M4.  Now that she has something she can relate to she is showing more interest.

Years ago my buddies and I developed a system of walking gun shows, which is probably what most people do.  Using this system my wife and I walked the rows, looped around the end of the row, walked the next row.

As you enter the NRA show, you enter in the middle of the show.  My wife and I turned to the left and started walking.

Unlike your typical gun show, the NRA was more of a place for merchants to show off their wares, rather then people trying to sale firearms and firearm accessories.  There was a lot of stuff there to buy, but not like what a typical gun show would have.

NRA Show Houston, Texas

Some of the brand names I saw at the show

Century Arms
Cold Steel
Daniel Defense
DS Arms
Glock, Gunny was there.
Mountain House
Palmetto State Armory
PTR – I took some pics just for a buddy of mine.
Rock River Arms
Wise Foods

Only to name a few.

The Magpul display was probably the coolest of the whole show.  They had a wall of AR-15s decked out in Magpul furniture, a classic VW with a mini-gun mounted on a sunroof, and free bumper stickers that said stuff like “Made in USA, banned in Colorado.”

NRA Show Houston, Texas

There were some guest speakers at the NRA show, but  I do not know where they were talking at.  Glenn Beck, Rick Perry and Sarah Palin were there to talk, but I did not see any information on how to attend.  I do not know if the speeches were open to the general public, or if it was invitation only.  But either way I was disappointed that information was available on how to attend.

Kimber went all out with their display.  They had a huge banner setup that could be seen a long way off.

Daniel Defense had a booth and a wall of guns setup.  Lets just say it was very impressive.

Palmetto State Armory had a small booth with only what seemed to be 4 rifles.

Hornady had a really nice display of their reloading gear.  I liked the progressive press with the built in lights.

I am glad to report that I did not see a single protestor. A Houston news station said there was one protestor, but I did not see her. the news also reported the lady was reading off the name of gun violence. I wonder if she was also going to read the person who committed the crime and what that persons punishment was. Typical gun hating liberal, blame the gun and not the person.

Overall, I thought it was a good show and I am looking forward to next year.