Random Thoughts May 6 2013

Over the past few days I have been thinking about a lot of stuff. A lot of small stuff, to small to make their own post about. So I thought I would combine a lot of small topics into a random thoughts post.Kevin Felts, Blogger and Survivalist

I promised a buddy of mine that I would tone the political stuff down. Rather than posting political topics here, I will keep them on PBJ News.  So here goes.

Video Gaming -I guess it is a matter of me getting older, but fewer and fewer games have that “wow” factor.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s some of my buddies and I could play Atari and Super Nintendo for hours at a time.

Now, its takes a lot of keep me interested in a game.  Borderlands 2 got boring within 2 hours and Skyrim lost it after maybe 2 – 3 hours.  The only game that has been able to keep my interest over the past 3 years had been Left 4 Dead 1 & 2.  Since Diablo III has the always on internet requirement I did not even bother buying it.

There are no games that I am looking forward to.  Which is a rather odd thing to say.  This comes from a guy who was standing in line 15 minutes before Best Buy opened the day Diablo II was released.

Child Support – Just one more year and I will be done with this child support induced poverty.  My youngest child, my daughter, turns 17 years old in May 2013.  Just one more year and she will be 18 years old.

Getting that child support and mandated health care monkey off my back will help me feel like a free man.   As long as a parent is paying child support they are a subject of the state.

But I promised to stay off the political topics, so lets move onto something else.

Spring is here – And oh what a feeling it is.  In southeast Texas we usually only have about 1,, maybe 2 months of spring.  We have March, April and by the time May gets here we are looking at 90 degree daytime temps.

This year has been rather pleasant as we have not had a single 90 degree day yet.

Cooler weather translates to more time outside with the kids.  Whether it is going camping, fishing,,, whatever.  The longer the 90 and 100 degree temps stay away, the more time we have to do stuff.

When June, July and August get here it is like living in an oven.  Walk outside in the morning and the heat takes your breath away.

Iron Man 3 – Was a disappointment.  I do not want to give away any spoilers.  So lets just say it was not near as good as it should have been.

This may have been the last appearance of Robert Downey jr as Iron Man.  Where are all of Iron Mans arch enemies?  The Iron Man series barely, and I mean barely showed fans the true power of Iron Man.

Thor was ok, Iron Man 2 was a letdown, Avengers was good,,, and now Iron Man 3 drops the ball.  When are we going to see a super hero save the world, without being in the Avengers?

Rabbits – Easter weekend there was a guy selling bunnies next to the super wal-mart in Jasper Texas.  My wife and daughter wanted a bunny, so we stopped by and bought the last 2 rabbits.

A couple of weeks later we got the rabbit hutch built, a week later I got the rabbit hide-away boxes built, and as of now everything seems to be going well.

Some of the people who have seen the youtube videos about the rabbits have stated the 1/2 inch hardware cloth may not be strong enough to keep the rabbits in their cages.  If this turns out to be correct, I am going to replace the 1/2 inch hardware cloth with .5 X 1 welded wire.

Video about the rabbit project

After my wife and I get moved to the homestead I would like to expand the rabbit collection to around 6 or 8 does and at least 3 bucks. I see a lot of articles and videos where people have 2 bucks. But I am thinking long term here.

Political environment 2014 – I am seriously concerned about the political situation and the economy in 2014.

What a lot of people do not realize is that we (you and I) will have to start paying taxes on how much our employer contributes to our healthcare.

Lets say your employer pays for your health insurance, and that equals out to $400 a month. You will have to pay taxes on that $400 a month.

Don’t you think we are already taxed enough?

How much more can the middle class take?  Through inflation and taxes the middle class is being driven into poverty.

Then there is this immigration reform that could add several million new people to the welfare system overnight.  Some estimates put the added cost to social services at around $6 trillion.

As of when this article was posted, according to usdebtclock.com, our national debt is $16.8 trillion.  Immigration reform could add as much as $6 trillion, for a grade total of $22.8 trillion.

Have no fear, as the federal reserve will just print more money out of thin air.

Dang it, we are back on a political topic again.

Moving to the homestead – It has been one thing after another.  My wife and I were supposed to be saving money to get moved, then Sandy Hook and the gun hating liberals.  There was talk of a new assault rifle ban, so I built my wife a pink M4.  Then there were the property taxes, hot water heater went out,,,.

I was really hoping to be moved by May 2013, but it is not going to happen.  Maybe if nothing goes out and has to be replaced we are looking at round October of 2013.

With the way the economy is shaping up, and the new taxes that are going to go into effect in 2014, my wife and I have agreed we “have” to be moved this year (2013).  There is no way around it, we have to be moved, have the garden going, and have our chicken flock ready to go by January 1, 2014.

Chickens – I have a Black Jersey Giant that has gone broody twice in the past 2 months.  I just wish I had a rooster to breed her with.  I might bring that hen to my cousins house to see if a rooster will breed her.

My cousin has a bunch of Production Reds.  A few months ago she was talking about getting some other types of chickens to mix in with the flock.

At this time my wife and I do not have time for any more chickens, mush less chicks.  My cousin on the other hand, she has plenty of room.

Maybe my cousin will take the Jersey Giant, breed her, then split the chicks with me after my wife and I get moved?  That way the efforts of the broody hen do not go to waste, and my cousin and I get free chicks.

One year update on my chicken project

Panic Buying – I would have never thought the panic buying would have lasted this long. Here we are going on 5 months post-Sandy Hook and 22 long rifle, 223 Remington, 308 Winchester and 7.62X39 is still scarce.

I have not seen 22 long rifle on the shelves in about 6 months, or at least a month before Sandy Hook.

Various companies are getting bolt carriers in stocks, AR-15 lowers, AR-15 uppers, Pmags,,, but the supplies usually sale out in minutes.

My local super wal-mart here in Jasper Texas has gotten a few AR-15s in stock here and there. But the rifles are usually sold within minutes, if not a couple of hours.

Supplies are trickling in, and that is a good thing.

Overall life has been good lately – My wife and I went camping a few weeks ago, my daughter and I go fishing from time to time, I see my mom, dad and my brother every couple of months.

I need to take a weekend to go fishing with my dad.  If I do not take time to go fishing with dad, I know I will regret it later down the road.  For once time has been lost, it will never be replaced.