Rabbit Update: Raising Rabbits For SHTF

An update to how the rabbit hutch and hideaway boxes are working out. The hideaway box is working well, but they are moving their food bowls around and spilling their food.

To fix the food bowl problem I ran a screw through the bowl and into the 2×4 under the bowl.

I used a 10 penny nail and hammer to poke a hole in the bottom of the food boil, then secured the bowl with a 2 inch outdoor wood screw.

The doe seems to spend an equal amount of time inside and outside the box, while the buck spends most of his time on top of the box.

The rabbits get on top of the box so they are next to each other, and that is where they spend a good deal of their time .

Hideaway Boxes

Some observations on the hideaway boxes I built a couple of weeks ago. The next boxes will probably be 24 inches long by 16 inches wide. But as I posted in the article about the boxes I need to wait until the rabbits are fully grown and then go from there.

Pine straw seems to be working well as filler material.

When spooked, the doe jumps inside her box, while the buck jumps on top of his box.

The rabbits like to relax and nap on top of their boxes.

Rabbit exploring her new home

Raising rabbits for SHTF

One of the reasons why I decided to get into rabbits was to have an alternative source of meat besides my chickens.  Chickens are great, but eating the same thing day in and day out, it is just a matter of time before food fatigue kicks in.

In order for rabbits to be productive during a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation, we need to prepare the cages, water and food system now.

For the sake of discussion lets say that some type of event has happened to disrupt modern civilization.  If the rabbit cages are not built now, its unlikely you will be able to find wire, nails, screws, roofing material, hinges,,, everything that is needed to build a safe and secure rabbit hutch.

Rabbits have several benefits – their poop makes for excellent fertilizer, they eat a wide variety of grasses, weeds and leaves, and a nice sized rabbit makes a good meal for a small family with little waste.

With larger livestock such as goats, sheep and cattle there is a lot of meat that has to be processed.  It is either process the meat or let it go to waste.

With rabbits there is enough meat for a nice meal, and with little waste.