Random Thoughts February 27 2013

We have a lot to talk about. Rather then break these topics down into individual post, lets jut make another random thoughts post.

Colorado has gone off the deep end with gun control. This time they want to make make sellers of semiautomatic rifles responsible for the actions of the end users.  It’s laughable what the gun hating liberals are trying to push through.  Making gun sellers responsible, is like making Ford, Toyota or GM responsible for drunk drivers.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

Feinstein’s ‘assault weapon’ ban goes to committee.  When is the government going to address the real cause of gun violence?  Our nation is being overran with debt, banks are getting a steady handout of $85 billion a month from the federal reserve, Iran is working its way to becoming a nuclear power,,, and Dianne Feinstein is worried about gun control?  Holy crap, really?

A buddy of mine passed away, his memorial service is going to be March 2.

AR-15 prices are slowing coming down.  Instead of a colt 6920 costing $3,000, prices are down to around $2,000.  Other brand name ARs are floating around double their price before Sandy Hook.

Magazines and uppers are hitting the market more infrequently.

AR-15 aluminum magazines are coming down in price.  Some auction sites are still selling them for a small fortune, so shop around before you buy.

Still no Pmags on the market.  If Pmags do hit the stores, they are sold out within seconds.  The two orders I placed on December 19, 2012 with two different stores still have not shipped over 2 months later.

Places like Palmetto State Armory are getting uppers and magazines in stock at a semi-regular basis.

My local walmart here in Jasper Texas is getting ammunition shipments in.  Calibers like 270, 7mm magnum, 300 Winchester magnum and 30-06 are staying on the shelves.  Still no 22 long rifle, 223 Remington or 7.62×39.

News media is freaking out over the reduction of spending by the federal government, known as the “sequester.” Very few news organizations are asking the difficult questions, such as why is the federal government having to support the economy? Sooner or later these liberal tax-and-spend policies to support the economy will have to come to an end.

For the past few months the federal reserve has been giving the banks around $85 billion a month to shore up the economy. Sooner or later that money has to be paid back, with interest.  The fed will continue to give money to the banks until the economy recovers.  So how do you like them apples?  The government is going to give the banks as much money as they need, and screw the middle class to death through taxes.

The reduction in spending by the federal government is around $85 billion, but the federal reserve is giving the banks $85 billion a month?  Funny how that works out.  Sounds to me like another example of the government and wall street screwing the people over.

Getting the land cleared so my wife and I can get moved to the homestead is taking a lot longer then I expected.  For the past month I have been working two days a week clearing land.  Progress has been slow, but we are making progress.

Iran is working on refining plutonium.  Its kinda strange North Korea tested a nuclear weapon just a few weeks ago.  And then Iran opens another plant?  Any chance the two nations are working together?  It just seems odd that north Korea test a nuclear device; less then two weeks later news comes out that Iran has another nuclear refining operation?

China replaced the U.S. as the worlds largest trade partner.  So what?  Who needs exports to stimulate the economy when the federal reserve can print money out of thin air?  We can always just print more money to replace gross domestic product,,, right?

I hope Iron Man 3 is as good as the previews hype it up to be.

Weather is getting a warmer, trees are starting to bloom, wont be long and maybe I can get out on the river to do some fishing.  My daughter wants to set some trotlines to catch some catfish.

Price of steaks,,,, well, price of everything is going up.

Price of gas is inching its way towards $4 a gallon.  I bet we get a royal screwing at the pump during the summer of 2013.

Various types of shotgun shells are sold out everywhere.  Take 20 gauge #4 shot for example, sold out everywhere, even midway USA is sold out.  I do not know if the #4 shot is sold out from panic buying, or it was a seasonal run for hunting season?

Handgun ammunition is still impossible to find.  From time to time my local walmart will get some 9mm or 45acp in.  But they usually sell out in a matter of hours.

Chickens and chicken coop – Thinking of increasing my chicken coop design so I can have to up 100 chickens.  A 20 foot X 16 foot coop should do the job.  100 chickens with a few roosters should provide all of the chicken meat and eggs my family needs.

Part of my long term SHTF survival plan includes having a self-sustaining chicken flock.  The larger the flock, the better the chance of genetic diversity.

In another article we talked about how many chickens someone might need for a complete collapse of society.  The number I came up with is around 60 – 80 chickens.  That does not leave a buffer for predators, disease or bartering.  To have a buffer, I am thinking about increasing my chicken flock and chicken coop size to a sustainable 100.  That would be something like 90 hens, and around 10 roosters.  That is if I went with a 10:1 hen to rooster ratio.

Cattle, sheep and goats – Hoping to have the back 10 acre field fenced off by early 2014 so I can get some cattle and either sheep or goats.  With the price of beef going like it is, we are going to have to do something for meat.  Getting the back field into working order is going to be a good sized job.  The fence rows have to be totally rebuilt, a well put down for water, pole barn built,,, and various other jobs need to be done.

I am ashamed that I am 45 years old and do not have a fully functional working farm.  Hopefully that will be fixed within the next year.  If I can get the new chicken yard build, new chicken coop, back field fenced off, pole barn built for the livestock,,, all by January 2014, I should be on the right track.

My goal is to have a working farm with fruit orchard, garden, chickens, and some kind of meat and milk producing livestock.  I have the orchard planted and the chickens, now its time to work on the larger livestock.

Fruit Orchard – On the topic of fruit orchards, I might move a fence line so I can expand the orchard by maybe 6 – 8 more peach and plum trees.  Currently I have 4 apple, 4 peach, 1 fig and 2 plum.  If I could double that to have around 20 trees, I think I would be happy.

My peach trees are not growing very well.  Last year I raked up a bunch of grass clippings around the base of the fruit trees (but not touching the trunk).  One of my main projects this year needs to be working on getting the peach and plum trees growing.

Pigs – My wife and I have been debating on whether we should get some pigs or not.  I like the idea of raising my own pork, but my wife does not want to mess with it.

If we did get pigs, they would have to be kept away from the house.  The pigs stink so bad, and they attract flies.  The flies land on the pig crap, then fly into the house, thus is how diseases are transmitted.

The pig pen would have to be far enough away from the house so flies are not attracted from the pig pen to the house when I have a cook out.