Grinding Stumps At the Farm

Now that the trees have been cut and some of the small timber has been thinned, its time to call a stump grinder out to the farm.  A stump grinder is machine with carbide bits which cut the stump down to below ground level.  No digging around the stump, no burning the stump, no pulling on the stump with a truck,,, nothing but a machine that turns a tree stump into chips.

Instead of buying a stump grinding machine that would rarely be used, I called a contractor that works by the hour.  In 3 hours the contractor had ground 109 stumps.

Tractor mounted stump grinder

There are a number of stump grinder designs on the market, some of them look like large tillers.  The one the contractor used attached to the back of a tractor and was operated by the power take off (PTO).

Why are we having stumps ground?  The stumps are in the way of driveway, chicken yard fence, chicken coop and where the shed is  going.  Instead of having to drive around the stumps, and waiting for them to rot, now the stumps are ground 6 – 8 inches below ground level.

Grinding Stumps At The Farm

Dirt with rubble (rocks) is going to be hauled in to fill up the holes. After the holes are filled in, the ground will be leveled with a tractor.

Clear the tree line so power lines can be ran to the house.

Fill in some eroded areas at the chicken yard fence line.

Getting The Farm Ready

Where do you want to be in 10, 15 or even 20 years? In another article we talked about survivalism as a way of life.

Some of my long term goals include living on a self-sustaining homestead with fruit trees, a garden, chickens, and some kind of milk and meat producing livestock.

There was a comment on youtube about my recent videos getting away from prepping.  In all honesty, it’s just the opposite.  Instead of “prepping” for a long term disaster, I am trying to build a homestead for a long term collapse of society.

I apologize if grinding stumps is boring, but its something that had to be done.  Just like the water well has to be drilled, the chicken yard has to be built, the septic system has to be put in, the field has to be fenced for livestock, more fruit trees have to be planted,,, stump grinding is part of the big picture.